It all started when...

Five years ago, I was a college graduate who was accepted into two Master’s programmes but had no way of paying for either schools and I had been dumped by the love of my life. Afraid to return home a failure, I moved to Tampa for six months for a breather, while I looked for work and a way to pay for school. During this time, I found a new appreciation for all things creative. I got in the kitchen and fashioned new clothes out of thrifted items whenever I could. When I moved back home, I saw the need to improve my photography skills and sought events and areas to practice.

 In the midst of all of that, I started Life By Olivia (formerly See Her Handmade) in January of 2012. At first it was just something that I did while I looked for work; a way to mark my own personal progress. Around July of 2015, when I realised that people were actually inspired by my outfits and recipes, I decided to treat the blog more seriously, posting on average 3 times per week, and expanding my photography and pantry tools.

I’ve created so much different types of content since then; from photo shoots to printables to DIY beauty treatments, we’ve had a blast! Together we laugh, eat, cry (eat while crying), drink lots of coffee and always look fabulous doing it! Let Life By Olivia be your VIP Pass to the latest beauty and fashion trends with quick and easy recipes that shine and satisfy. Because life could use a personal touch.

- Olivia