Cinnamon Hazelnut Mug Cake

The first time I made this recipe, I knew I was onto something. It was the most moist (is that correct? most moist?) mug cake I ever had! One of the problems I had with mug cakes is how dry they were to the bottom, so I always had to add whipped cream or something similar to create moisture in it. So I made it again this week and when I got the same result, I just knew I had to share it!

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It’s quickly heating up here so it’s time for a wardrobe change. I wanted to drop by and share my current summer shopping list.  I know many of you have been requesting summer dress recommendations and hot crop top options — hopefully, this little list can be a great starting point. It also gives you more insight into where I shop!

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Question: What Should I Make With These Fabrics?

Hello Lovely,

I should be ashamed to say this, but for years I’ve been hoarding fabric. For a number of reasons I’ve lost my love for sewing. I lacked inspiration (sure there’s plenty of things to make, but did I NEED any of them?), it’s WAAAAAAAY too hot to sew at home most days, I don’t have a proper sewing station, I don’t have a serger to create clean finishes, and most importantly, it became easier and cheaper to just buy clothes. So for years I’ve been moving fabric from one part of the house to the next, throwing away fabric as it got stained. But now that I’m back at my old school, I’m remembering the clothing construction room that has dozens of sewing machines at my disposal and the classroom isn’t so hot. Plus the teacher is really nice and agreed to help me cut out a pattern. But with school closing in only two weeks, I have very limited time to get in there. So I need your help! What should I make with these fabrics for summer?

After I pulled out the fabrics, I very quickly pulled some inspiration that has been floating around my Pinterest boards for some time now. I’ve paired 6 designs with a fabric choice. What do you think?


Summer Grey

I like the idea of using the grey knit fabric to create this look. There’s about 1.5 yards, which is sufficient for a crop top and mini pencil skirt.


Potluck in style

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wrap a dish in a dish cloth and carry it to a potluck. If I make this I won’t have to do that any more. I want to use the floral fabric. Now I just need a lining fabric.


Salsa flair

As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought about the yellow fabric. It’s a nice and bright stretch knit that would look so cute in this design! I would only have to find money for the pom pom trim. Speaking of pom pom trims…


Can’t resist pom poms

Is it cheesy that I want to use my white fabric to make this white kimono style top? No? Okay!

BTW, I’m probably obsessed with the idea of pom poms for the summer.


Pillowcase Chic

Looking at this dress makes me think about pillowcases, sorry. So that’s why I thought my blue and gold brocade fabric would go nice for this. It’s a broadcloth which I don’t like using for clothing, so we’ll see. I’ll probably end up changing my mind on this one.



I think my white and black stretch knit would be cute for this. It won’t give off the A-line flair like the photo, but it should be soft and comfy. I can use a black pom pom trim.

So what do you think? Which idea is your favourite, and which do you think I should toss?So far I’ve cut and serged the grey fabric for the mini pencil skirt. Going into the clothing construction room is starting to feel therapeutic so I can’t wait to go back and tackle these projects.

Summer At Life By Olivia

Hello Lovely,


As far as I’m concerned we’re officially in the summer season. School closes in two weeks and the heat is merciless. So I just wanted to quickly share my summer plans with you guys.

As you know this is a very difficult time for my family, with the loss of my cousin. That is why I took the past two weeks off to grieve and collect my thoughts. I’m back next week with all new posts for you featuring new recipes and fashion.

As always I’ll be taking July off to travel and create content without the pressure of a deadline. So the last post before my summer break will go live on June 21, the day I head out for my cousin’s funeral. My summer travel plans this year are very simple (given the circumstances). I plan to visit Toronto for the first time (I connected there overnight but didn’t actually get to enjoy the city). I’m excited to go downtown and see all of the major attractions, while hitting up some local festivals. This will be my first truly solo travel in that I’m not meeting anyone when I go and I will be alone the whole time. It’s a little scary, but here’s to adventure!


Posts will resume on August 12, with the usual 3 posts per week. I’ll be sharing my summer adventures as well as my back to school plans. In addition to travelling, I’ve decided to spend the summer completely immersed in art projects. Once a week, I’m going to pick a craft project, whether it’s sewing, painting or some other DIY as well as one photography adventure per week. This is my way of healing and I’m hoping to start an art journal that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll definitely try to go to the beach about 3 times this summer since I have like 6 or more (probably more) swimsuits. Even if I have to go by myself, I’m going to embrace doing more this summer instead of dying in the summer heat in the house.


Swimsuit Details: You can purchase this Brush Print Scoop Top With High Leg Bikini Set from SheIn for only $13!

Here’s to an amazing summer! See you soon!



Hello Lovely,

This is not a post I ever wanted to write. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. For the past two weeks I have been very silent on my blog and various social media channels because I’ve been in total shock. I went from depressed, to anxious, to angry. And the worst part is the pain is only truly beginning. For those who don’t know, on May 15, my cousin, Kameela Russell went missing. An official missing person’s report was filed on May 17, which is when I was notified. I immediately had a bad feeling about it; I knew something bad happened. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance were beyond suspicious and nothing made any sense. She’s not the type to run away or commit suicide so I knew it wasn’t that. By Saturday morning, when there was no update or anything of value to go on, I knew she wouldn’t be found alive. People thought I was being cynical and needed to be more positive, but there was no denying the reality of the situation and I wanted to be prepared for it.


So two weeks later, when a body was discovered, I cannot describe the relief I felt. Here’s the thing, not knowing where someone is, is the worst feeling. There is always some level of hope that they’re okay and can possibly come back. It’s impossible to fully move on. I was glued to my phone, waiting for updates, constantly watching the news. I was on edge because every time my mum or dad called, I thought that would be the call, but it wasn’t. Finding her body provided a level of closure, because it helped me to accept that she was truly never coming back. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with any part of this.


Co-workers are shocked at how strong I am right now, and to be honest so am I. There were moments when I sobbed, and I do mean heavily, dramatically sobbed in my best friend’s arms, and coworkers arms. What I learned is although there are some people I can grieve with, for the most part, I prefer to grieve alone. I also learned that I’ve become the person that spends so much time enjoying the moment, that I don’t always remember to photograph the moment (which is weird as a photographer and blogger). I realised this when I could only find a handful of pictures of Kameela and I. I can’t begin to count the moments we spent together.

Halloween Aunt Donna’s house: I was a cyber-punk and Kameela was a gangster

Halloween Aunt Donna’s house: I was a cyber-punk and Kameela was a gangster

This woman formed so much of who I am today. She taught me how to dance and a lot of truth. She helped me to move out of my college dorm, picked me up from the airport countless times, trusted me of all people with her kids, picked me up after my first tattoo and taught me how to care for it. She taught me so much but I will never be able to repay her for. She was the life of the party, a source of wisdom and the big sister I never had. We somehow both ended up in education and always bonded over it. We traded stories and watched the TV Land show, Teachers. We laughed over memes and she educated me on who’s who, on Love and Hip Hop. I laughed at you trying to act gangster when you needed your glasses just to see. Your honesty was always appreciated and I will never forget when she took over my cousin’s Christmas party and actually made it fun. You even got my grandmother to twerk! I will always miss you. Thank you for teaching me so much.


On June 22, I will say my final good bye, but I cannot accept that this is how your story ends. No one deserves this. I’m still going back and forth between acceptance and “did this really happen?” I want answers. I want more time. I want to comfort my aunt who just lost her only child. There is nothing anyone can do to prepare for this kind of pain. But every day, I will try a little harder to get by. When I was little, all I wanted was to be just like you, now all I want is justice for you.


What's On My Feeling Myself Playlist + Why You Should Have One Too

Hello Lovely,

I love how music transforms my mood! I love creating playlists on my phone. Years ago I used to have a playlist for when I was Feeling Myself. It was filled with confidence boosting songs that always put me in a good mood. Of course over time, the songs on that list changed, but this still elicit the same happy response. When these songs come up on my shuffle, I can’t resist the urge to dance in the car and I feel super pumped. It’s an instant get-out-of-your-head anxiety-helper. That’s why it’s a huge part of my self-care routine.

I can’t do sad or even slow music because I just don’t like being in my feelings. My choice in music is a conscious tool in making myself feel better. I wanted to compile a list of some of my favourite make-me-ridiculously-happy songs.  For some reason my phone refuses to save my playlist so I’m always losing it. But luckily with Spotify, it’s always saved.

Everyone should make a playlist. Whether it’s your workout playlist, a daily commute playlist, or a party playlist. I usually listen to my music on shuffle to ensure I listen to all of my music equally, but if you’re in a mood for a certain type of music, then gather those songs together in one playlist. Maybe you want a playlist for just Soca music? Create the playlist, then go through your music library and add each song that fits that genre. Maybe you know that listening to certain songs makes you feel better when you’re down or angry. Instead of having to search for them, they’ll all be available on one list.

So which playlists do you like to listen to? If you haven’t made one yet, or you just feel like making another one, what’s your next playlist going to be? Share your faves in the comment section below!

What’s on your self-care playlist? Share your favourite mood boosting songs in the comments below.

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