2019 Halloween Costume Trends

Hello Lovely,

If your Halloween costume planning has not yet begun… it’s time to get. On. It. You’ve already bookmarked all the recipes, pumpkin carving, and decor, so now we need to slay the dress-up game. No matter where you're going this year, you'll be familiar with the pressure to find a costume that's somewhere between "cool but obscure”. I'm here to take some of that weight off your shoulders: Drawing from some of the most talked-about shows and movies of 2019, I've compiled a small, but mighty, list of trendy 2019 Halloween costumes you can proudly wear and 'gram on October 31.


Fornite Costumes.png

Move over, Stranger Things. The prediction: that the über popular video game all the kiddos are into these days, Fortnite, will be the most popular costume theme for Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Hellen Parr (Elastigirl) from ‘Incredibles 2’

Hellen Parr (Elastigirl) from ‘Incredibles 2’

Elton John From Rocketman


If you're looking for costumes that don't skimp on patterns or colors, turn your attention to Rocketman. Elton John is a legend, and this biographical musical film received rave reviews. One of our favorite looks is this striped suit, though his stage outfits deserve to be recreated too.

Missandei (or anyone) From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones officially ended in 2019, so this might be one of your last chances to dress up as a favorite character. Khaleesi from ‘Game of Thrones’ is one option, but you can choose any character like, Missandei, who although she met an unfortunate death, was a pretty badass warrior (i’ve heard - never actually seen the show).

Piper (or basically anyone) from ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Piper (or basically anyone) from ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Group Halloween Costumes That Are Office Appropriate

Dressing up for Halloween is already a blast, but coordinating with your besties or even your coworkers is even more fun.

The Cast of 'The Office'


This one might be obvious, but it's super easy to copy when you're in, well, the office. While you might not have a camera following you and your coworkers around everyday, you should still stock up on your"'World's Best Boss" mugs just in case. Bonus points for going as "hole punch Jim" for some added flair.


Dressing up as crayons may be another super easy group costume to pull off because everyone just picks a colour and wears it. Matching party hats complete the look. Sure someone is going to have to craft that giant box for everyone to stand behind so we actually know what you’re dressed as, but it’s totally worth it.