21 Day Challenge Simply Fit Board

Hello Lovely,

2017 is a brand new year and the perfect time to put our best foot forward when it comes to fitness. It's easy to give you guys a workout plan or healthy meals, but you have no way of knowing if any of it really works or if we're really doing it. So this month, I'm sharing my own personal fitness journey with the 21 Day Challenge for the Simply Fit Board. Lately my clothes don't quite fit like they used to and I refuse to buy clothes in a larger size. I'd rather just lose the weight and keep my clothes. I also want to work on my booty. It's way too small and that is not going to cut it in 2017, mmkay?

On my vacation, I walked every day and eventually purchased a Simply Fit Board for $40. I used it for 30 minutes every day for about four days before I had to return home. It was the easiest workout I've ever done. I would work for a bit, then take a break, hop on the board and twist for five minutes once an hour while watching TV. Breaking up the workout in 5 minute segments made it easier to manage instead of finding a convenient time to drop everything for half an hour (especially when I hadn't worked out seriously in months).

Shortly after purchasing the board, I found out about the 21 day challenge and immediately signed up. I took my before pictures (which I look a lot better than my first before pictures before I used the board at all), entered my last known weight and measurements and ate healthy leading up to today. I knew that exercising before starting the challenge would throw off my results so I held off until today.

I'm super excited to start this journey and I'll be happy to share the results with you at the end of the month. If you want to join, go to www.simplyfit21.com to sign up. Get the Nutrition Guide here and a Workout Calendar to plot all of your workouts up to May!

If you don't have the Simply Fit Board and you're not able to make that investment, you can try our other available workouts for 21 days and share your results using the hashtag #GetFit2017!

So will you be joining any fitness challenges this month?

Let us know in the comments! And good luck on your first challenge…