A Mother's Story: One of a Kind


You can never begin to understand how much I love you ! When I think about all of the things you’ve done for me, my siblings( both biological and adopted) I understand now why when you feel like you’re taken for granted it hurts. This letter serves as a reminder that you are an immaculate design and I’m more than blessed to have been sent to you!

They often say that a child is a mother’s gift but a loving mother is the best gift anyone can ask for when we exist in a world where true unconditional love has become a scarce entity.


I cherish the days I have with left with you no matter the emotions that are present I love you and always will!! Your sacrifices never go unnoticed! I felt my heart break last year thinking that was is but you fought hard to keep a smile on your face even when you were weak and tired. No one knows what They would do without you. You have touched the lives of so many men and women ! You are one of a kind, a huge star in the constellation that surrounds our galaxy!

I won’t go on any further but you get the idea!You did what you had to do that my brother and I wouldn’t have to struggle in life ! You went without so that we could have the best of everything! Eventually I pray that I am able to help you achieve some of your dreams too!

I can say much more but I won’t because those who know you already know! What would we do without you ! A mother to two and a mother to all. Happy Mother’s Day and May you enjoy many more !