26 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Hello Lovely,

I never really celebrated my birthday. It was never a big deal growing up. I actually made more of a big deal of it for my friends, than for myself. I decided though that today… I am going to have fun! I may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate! In fact – as women, it seems like we are ALWAYS doing things for other people and never for ourselves. Do you agree? There is no better day to celebrate YOU… than on your birthday! Just because we are grown, doesn’t mean we can’t love our birthdays!! In fact, each of us are even more special TODAY than we were yesterday. So why stop celebrating?

I am so grateful to be alive! I am another year older. I have had so many blessings come into my life this year – one being YOU! I started this blog 4 years ago and it has grown into something bigger and better than I could have ever imagined… because of you! THANK YOU! SO – let’s celebrate! In honour of me turning 26 tomorrow, here are 26 ways you could celebrate your birthday!

1.      Dinner Date with friends (preferably for sushi!)

2.      Get a hotel room for the night (but try not repeat any of the installments of The Hangover series)

3.      Go see a movie (like Deadpool!)

4.      Now that the weather is warming up (at least it is here in The Bahamas) go to the beach

5.      Order pizza and rent a movie – date night in!

6.      Don’t clean or cook all day

7.      Enjoy breakfast in bed and stay in your pajamas all day long (totally m plan)

8.      Go on a vacation

9.      Go shopping and buy a new outfit

10.  If you’re religious or spiritual, go to your favourite worship center and thank God for the blessings in your life and the opportunity to be on the planet another year. (Birthday blessings are a huge tradition in The Bahamas)

11.  Take pictures every year on your birthday and see how you’ve changed over the years

12.  Do something YOU love! Is it crafting? Cooking? Just spend the whole day doing it!

13.  Get a pedicure or manicure

14.  Take a REALLY long bath

15.  Have the husband or your mum take the kids to the park and enjoy your own quiet time

16.  Check something off your Bucket List (or create one!)

17.  Buy yourself a gift! (Because, why not?)

18.  Get a cake! It’s not a birthday without sweet treats!

19.  Go to karaoke or do something out of your box.

20.  Get your hair done

21.  Get your makeup professionally done (just because it’s nice to let someone else do the work)

22.  Take up a new class, like a foreign language, pottery, painting or really fun exercise class like pole dancing!

23.  Challenge your friends to a “friendly” game of bowling (as the birthday gal/guy, they have to let you win!)

24.  Throw a party like my friend Telia did!

25.  Try jet skiing, or kayaking or parasailing. All water sports are awesome to be honest!

26.  Don’t forget to thank everyone who wished you a happy birthday!

I hope as each of our birthday’s approach this year (and many years to come) we remember to take the time to CELEBRATE and ENJOY our lives!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Share your best and worst birthday experiences in the comment section below!