Home Sweet Home: 3 Home Offices I Love

Hello Lovely,

My birthday is only 2 days away, and I'm kinda excited! Oh yeah! It's mah birthday! To celebrate my new, grown up, mature age, I've decided to fix up my bedroom (FINALLY)! For about a week, I've been lusting over home offices on Pinterest. Right now my home office is more like a junky, oversized desk in my tiny bedroom. I've been trying to make concessions for all of the stuff I've harboured over the years, but some things (like clothes that no longer fit) will just have to go!

So on Monday I started the cleaning process (much to the delight of my mother)! It was so therapeutic seeing...well, actually being able to see my floor! (I'm not exactly the neatest person).

Now that I have space for all my new fancy things, it was time to actually buy the new fancy things! With my inspiration in hand, yesterday, I went to a local store to see what I could find!

I decided to go with a black, white and gold theme for my room since the walls are grey. I've got my gold spray paint, a sponge paintbrush and the day off on Friday! This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to share the photos once I'm done!

What does your home office look like and what was your inspiration?