3 Tips for Protecting Your Hair at Night

Hello Lovely,

As naturalistas we all have our nighttime routines for the better or for worse. But the deep conditioning and protective styles mean nothing if we don't solidify it with a fool-proof nighttime routine. I know by bedtime we're too tired to retwist our hair or sometimes you just can't find that satin cap. But healthy hair is good hair! Here are our 3 favourite tips for protecting our hair at night.

1. Keep your hair moisturised. Spritz some water on it before bed to keep it moisturised through the night. Yeah, by now you are tired of hearing this right? Moisture, moisture, moisture. Whether you’re doing the Greenhouse effect, applying your favourite moisturiser or simply dampening your curls, moisture before bed is a great way to start.

2. Pineapple your hair. You worked way too hard on that twist out, braid out, or rod set for it to go to waste in one day! Pineapple your hair (under your satin bonnet or with your satin Pillowcase) so that your curls last more than just one day. Hair not long enough to pineapple? Don’t feel bad, mine isn’t either (although Mechelle could definitely do it). Simply twist before going to bed. Twisting your hair, and even pinning it up afterwards, will keep it up and away, tangle free and even rejuvenate some of those curls.

3.  Sleep on a satin pillowcase or in a satin bonnet. This is the most important tip right here! If you don’t hear anything else we say today, hear this! Forget every stereotypical meme you have seen on the internet about satin caps. Forget how you think it will make your man feel. A SATIN CAP OR PILLOWCASE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Cotton pillowcases will snatch your edges left and right and cause major breakage. I know we all had that one day where we were just too tired to tie our hair up and took one for the team. Well, let that be the only time you do that. Cotton pillowcases suck the moisture from your hair which is bound to cause breakage, of which we do not want!


How do you protect your hair at night? What is your routine?