5 Secrets To Making Your Perfume Last

My favourite perfume is Chanel No. 5. I got my first bottle 3 years ago for Christmas, and believe it or not, I can actually make a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle last 2 years! It costs $75 for one bottle, the last time I checked so I definitely do my best to spread it, wearing it only for special occasions. I’m on my second bottle now and let me tell you, when I ran out of the first bottle, it was one of the worst feelings in the world! Even worse, is when you spritz only to find that no one can smell the lovely fragrance on you two hours later! It’s the biggest bummer: You’ve treated yourself to a new fragrance, but despite several morning spritzes, the scent seems to completely disappear by 10am. Before you drown yourself in a suffocating cloud of eau de parfum, get strategic. Try these five hacks—some of which will disprove old habits—to make the most of your purchase!

1. Apply After Showering

Scents last longer on moist skin, so applying perfume after a shower or bath is optimal. Spray it on after drying off, before putting on clothes.

2. Know Your Hot Spots

Go beyond the wrists by spritzing on pulse points that generate more heat. I usually spray the nape of my neck, inside of my elbows, cleavage and stomach. Although you shouldn’t cover all these zones at once, I’d suggest spraying at least the back of your knees or ankles to start, as scent rises throughout the day.

3. Don’t Rub

The old ritual of spraying and rubbing the wrists actually interrupts the fragrance’s true smell, as friction causes heat. This speeds up the evaporation of certain notes, resulting in change of scent.

4. Layer over Lotion

As mentioned before, perfume lingers longer on hydrated skin. Apply unscented moisturizer or my personal favourite, Vaseline on pulse points before spraying to lock it in. If spraying over lotion, make sure that the scents are compatible!

5. Store in a Cool, Dry Place

As pretty as they may look next to your skincare collection, never keep your perfumes in the bathroom. Stay away from damp, humid areas and away from the sun so your precious scents don't break down. Tip: Invest in a chic tray and proudly display your bottles in your bedroom.