5 Things I'm Willing to Try in 2019

Hello Lovely,

Whether you’re ready or not, 2019 is here. 2018 was a pretty great year and provided a lot of healing for me. The travelling, friendships and personal growth  were transforming! I opened up to love (even though it ended pretty quickly again) and new opportunities that have completely changed my mindset. I ended the year feeling completely motivated and ready to tackle a ton of new projects!

It’s always fun to do something new, but often we fall into the trap of spending our weekends the same way. If you’re stuck in the same old routine, it might be time to try something new. So today I’m sharing the 5 things I’m willing to try in 2019!


5 Things I'm Willing to Try in 2019

  1. Being Less Negative

So it has recently come to my attention that I have a tendency to be negative. I've always been cynical. Sarcasm makes me laugh, and complaining burns off some steam. When someone close to me commented on my negativity and my tendency to complain, I felt conflicted. I never thought of myself as negative, but apparently it was hurting the people around me and pushing them away. I spend a lot of time talking with my students and co-workers about their stress levels and emotional well-being and how that impacts their health. How could I preach the importance of emotional health to help my clients when I’m not doing the same myself? So I stopped voicing complaints and started highlighting more positive things. To be honest it’s killing me a little, because it feels so fake, but I have to push through if I want to stop pushing away the people I love. 

2. More collaborations

I love having creative friends and trust me I know a lot! We all have tons of ideas, so next year I’m looking forward to more collaborations. More video tutorials, more craft parties and more photography. We always talk about doing things together but 2019 is going to be the year I make it all happen.


3. A Truly Solo Travel

I’ve wanted to travel by myself for awhile. I went to London by myself but I had a friend there so I wasn’t actually alone. I’m not sure where I’ll go, and everyone is against it because of the dangers of solo travel. But I really want to give a try. Where do you think I should go? Cuba? A cruise?

4. Utilising free time better

Too many times I find myself on holiday just sitting around the house. I convince myself that I’m resting, or conserving gas, staying out of the heat, and gridlock traffic, but what I’m really doing is missing out on a lot of opportunities. Sure rest is nice, but when I’m running around last minute to finish off a post or postponing it due to bad planning I realise how much time I’m actually wasting. So in order to utilise my free time better, I’m really going to have to start sticking to a planner/calendar system. Something where I can list all of the things I need to do, be reminded of it and see a due date so I know how much time I do or don’t have left to finish it.


5. Another Certification

I’ve already paid for my next certification and I’m so excited. I’m not sharing what it is yet, but I go for training at the end of the month and then I’ll let you all know what I did. I just randomly found out about it from Sheena so I couldn’t pass it up. But that’s only one thing. I’m definitely open to more professional development throughout the year!

What are you looking forward to trying this year? Have you already gotten a jump start? Make sure you set some SMART goals. Share your goals for the New Year in the comment section below!