Hello Lovely,

As you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Some of you may be like be, and single for this precious holiday. Now I'm not single, but long-distance relationships don't necessarily make for the most romantic Valentine's Day. You spend a lot of time by yourself, so why not love yourself? And you know what they say, before you can love anyone, you have to love yourself. So this Valentine’s Day I want you to extend that love to yourself! Whether you’re single or taken, this is a great holiday to treat yourself. You should feel beautiful and special every single day, but let's take it up a notch. Today I’ll be sharing 5 ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, because you deserve it!

1. Cook for yourself.

Ladies, this is not the time for ramen noodles and wine. Seriously treat yourself! Buy that salmon fillet you've been eyeing in the farmer's market. Look up a new recipe on Pinterest! Like this, Autumn Apple and Pear Salad for starters,  Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes main dish with a White Chocolate Sherry Shortbread Cookie for dessert! Set the table, light some candles and take yourself on a date in your own home. If you treat yourself good, you won't even feel like you're missing something.

2. Netflix and chill

I love binge-watching amazing shows like Gossip Girl, Law and Order and Orange is the New Black. So kick up your feet, grab your wine and popcorn and enjoy!

3. Go shopping

This is the perfect time to meet someone! But maybe you don't want to wear something you've already been photographed in. Even if you don't plan on going out, there's nothing wrong with a little retail therapy to gather the right pieces to wear when you do go out. You never know who you'll run into so always look your best!

4. Book a vacay


I love laying on the beach, and living on an island makes that access so much easier! Whether it's simply a day at the beach or a cross-country trip, a change of scenery is always a good thing!

5. Bring in the Calvary!

When all else fails, there's nothing like a girl's night out to treat yourself! Go for sushi, watch a movie or go dancing!  There's no reason that just because you're alone for Valentine's Day, you should actually be alone. And being surrounded by friends is just what the doctor ordered!