6 Exercises to Make Your Booty Pop

Hello Lovely,

I know I come off as confident and sassy, but I have one insecurity (or one that I'm willing to share today). I've never thought my butt looked good enough. Let's face it, pop culture has an expectation for all black women to have Nicki Minaj type butts and even that isn't real. But just because she went the plastic surgery route, doesn't mean us average girls should feel pressured to do the same. If you're looking to tone and tighten your bum, here are six easy moves that you can do virtually anywhere to help you achieve that toned, firm rump!


This easy move can be done while you stand by the copy machine or the water cooler at work. Sure you can go the "No Squat" Route, but for those fitness enthusiasts, squats are a great go-to exercise. Start by standing with your legs should-width apart. Next, sit back to a squat. Then, bring your left leg straight behind you while extending your arms forward. Next, return to the squat position and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating sides for one minute. Remember to keep your weight back on your heels and keep your hips square when you extend your leg behind you.


This is another move that can be done while you stand by the copy machine or the water cooler at work. If you aren't familiar with lunges, stand with feet shoulder width apart with your feet pointing straight ahead. Step your left foot forward, keeping your forward leg centred over your ankle and making sure your knee doesn't go beyond your toes. To help you balance, remember to push off with your heels when you step forward. When coming backing to the starting position, focus on straightening your knee and hip.


Another easy way to shape and tone your butt is with donkey kicks. I used to do these when I was younger and exercised with my mum for moral support and odd mother-daughter bonding. This exercise doesn't take long before you feel the burn so it's totally worth it! Get on your hands and knees with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Keeping your head in a neutral position, lift your leg back and up, making sure your knee is bent, until your foot is higher than your head. Squeeze your left glute and slowly lower your leg back to the start position. Perform the same with your right leg and repeat.


Squats are another easy move that you can do just about anywhere and don't require any equipment unless you want to add weights. Start with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your hips down, making sure not to let your knees go past your toes and return to the start position.


The bridge is another easy exercise to tighten your bottom but this isn't one of those moves that you want to do outside your home (could get you a few odd looks). Lie on your back with feet on the floor and hip-width apart and knees bent. Slowly lift your spine off the floor from the bottom, tightening the glutes and hamstrings until you've created a line from your shoulders to your knees. A variation of this move includes a rolling your shoulders underneath you and clasping your hands together. Another variation includes holding your ankles. The variations are more for stretch purposes than booty strengthening.


Side leg raises are another great exercise to do while you're at home watching TV or a movie. Lie on your side on the floor or on the edge of a mat. Place your feet at the front edge of the mat and lift your upper leg and turn it out at the hip. Keep the hips stacked and your trunk still while you lift and lower your leg. Return to the start position and repeat on the other side.

See? Toning your bum doesn't have to require a lot off equipment or tricky moves. You can easily get your butt in shape with these easy exercises- you can even do them while you're watching TV or anytime you have spare time!