Look Who's 2!

Hello Lovely,

Can you believe that Ariana is already TWO?! Ariana is my little pumpkin because I joke that she's so orange. She looks exactly like her big brother and follows him everywhere he goes! I love following her growth. Little Ariana loves Laugh & Learn Puppy and tells great stories (even if she doesn't get the details quite right). I found that Ariana did not smile if she was sitting but if she got to run around and chase her brother, she was all smiles and giggles! Mom wanted a spring/nature theme so I took advantage of the Farmer's Market at The Island House on the second day of shooting and the kids really had a blast! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Introducing Lukas Tracy Bentley Knowles

Hello Lovely,

I'm so happy to tell you that on February 17, 2018, at 3:46 PM, my best friend Telia gave birth to a healthy baby boy! At 7lbs 4 oz., I have never seen a baby so small! When RiRi was born she was tiny and had jaundice as well but I feel that Lukas was extra tiny! I could tell throughout the pregnancy that he would be a small baby. I was super excited to meet him,(I've been emotionally invested for almost a year)  but had to wait a whole week as he got treated for jaundice. Other than that he was completely healthy with no defects.

28822448_10160013001615153_1625591424_o (1).jpg

Before Telia gave birth, we were sold on the name Cruz so imagine my shock when the name changed. We joke that Lukas will one day marry my niece, who's only about five months older than him, and then we can all be one family! Lukas is a dream, but his defiant personality is already showing! Every time I tried to fold his legs in, he insisted on stretching them out. Even calling him by his full name didn't get him to cooperate. He was alert the entire time, which has never happened in an infant shoot for me before.

Lukas has the most gorgeous eyes, but they just may change colour. At one point it even looked like he was posing for the camera. He didn't like being on his tummy so we only got one good shot with that, but overall, mommy and daddy were super happy with the photos and couldn't wait to share them with the world!

Welcome baby Lukas Tracy Bentley Knowles. We all love you SOOOOOO much!

Dreamy Bohemian Maternity Session

Hello Lovely,

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I'm happy to bring you to a dreamy bohemian maternity photo session I recently shot. As you can see in these AMAZING maternity photos, this beautiful bohemian styled mommy-to-be, Telia, exudes confidence and gracefulness. I used the sun as a natural reflector to capture the true essence and beauty of this glowing mommy-to-be. Living in The Bahamas definitely has it's perks with regard to outdoor scenery and has locations galore to choose from. I knew I wanted to capture the golden hour with lots of greenery for this spring baby boy. This simple yet stunning session is full of family love, sensational smiles and authentic expressions that light up the lens! Get ready to be in awe as we enjoy the incredible views, amazing photography and the gorgeous mother-daughter family as they wait on the exciting arrival of their precious baby boy coming soon!

When we took things outside, it almost felt like a completely different shoot. The shoot took on a more glamorous feeling with a wardrobe change and change of scenery!

Wanting her maternity session to be "dreamy with lots of light", Telia and I worked together to make her vision come to life.,Telia loved her photos and I was so happy to capture these moments for her! This  amazing capture exudes nothing short of stunning perfection! Safe delivery Telia!

Favourite Photos I've Taken Lately

Hello Lovely,

Can you believe we're already done with January? There's been so much positive things happening and I'm glad to have been able to capture most of it. I've been busier but I love it, because I'm busy doing things I love to do. One of my New Year's resolutions is to make time for more creative activities such as photography, sewing, crocheting and other arts and crafts. I'm happy to report that so far, I've been making more time for my hobbies, however, with a full time job, that meant a lot of late nights. But with my recent productivity spike, I didn't mind at all. So something new I want to start doing is sharing some of my favourite photos I've taken each month. So in no particular order, here we go!


My cousin's wedding was a beautiful sight to behold. She's only 22 but I couldn't help but feel extremely proud of the woman she has become. I love this photo because it is s elegant. We wanted a photo of how beautiful her gown was from the back and everything just fell into place. She's such a natural, I can't wait to go back to Freeport to take more photos of her.


There's something about this photo that I absolutely love. The preparation of a wedding is so important because everyone gathers around the bride to make her look her best and keep her calm. In this photo, my cousin's mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law were struggling to keep her veil on. This created a lot of anxiety in her as the limo was fast approaching, but in the end, we were able to get the veil to stay in place just long enough for her to say, "I Do".


How do you not fall in love with the innocence of a child? These two photos were candidly caught during a family photo shoot for New Year's. Watching the children run around and play was a gentle reminder to keep an eye out for the moments in between. 


Speaking of the innocence of a child, check out this adorable photo of my niece! She's three months old and absolutely the joy of my heart! Getting photos of her is so difficult because she always ends up just staring at the camera, but as she gets older, I'm finding a few tricks to get that great shot!


Just some of my favourite photos from the maternity shoot with my best friend. I had so much fun this day. As the photographer it's my job to make the mommy-to-be feel super confident, which can be a little difficult at times. Her body doesn't look how it used to and she often worries if it even looks like it should for a pregnant woman. Together with her daughter we brought a sense of calm and unconditional love that I think these two photos capture greatly.


Self-love is very important. I recently started making my own wigs out of boredom. I wanted to try something new and I wasn't bad at it. I call this my Dirty Diana wig because it has me feeling confident and sexy! I also loved my outfit because I never wouldn't worn stripes together like this but something about it made me feel bold and glamorous! The blouse is Primark and the skirt is from Make Me Chic.

How do you celebrate your productivity? What was your New Year's resolution? Are you sticking to it? What inspires you creatively? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let's chat!

Montana and Jess' Stunning Nautical Wedding

Montana and Jess' Stunning Nautical Wedding

On December 30, 2017, my baby cousin Montana was wedded. The wedding took place in Freeport at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club. The dock provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. The nautical theme was consistent throughout the decor, down to the anchor that provided the perfect ampersand under the arch to symbolise the joining of two individuals.

The magnetising chemistry between the couple really showed throughout the ceremony. They seriously couldn’t be any cuter together. It was a photographer’s dream to work with such  individuals who were so passionate about one another that it also inspired me with my own emotional journey.

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Ariana's First Birthday

Sugar and Spice and everything nice!  My little girl is just that and more! Ariana is my best friend's daughter, and after her brother was born five years ago, I thought I would never love another baby the same. But the moment I looked into those eyes of hers I knew I would do anything for her! It's been a really busy year, but Oh My Gosh, it's been a whole year!

Can you believe that this baby:

Is now this baby?!

Where has the time gone? Ariana is already walking and fascinated by the sounds she makes. She even sang a little song for us while we were shooting. She was not shy at all and we had so much fun with her portraits. Ariana (or Riri as she's affectionately called) came alive as soon as the camera turned on and dazzled us with her toothy grin!

So from Mommy, Daddy, Liam, Goddy Livy and all of your godparents, have the happiest first birthday a baby could ever have! We love you Riri!

For Unto Us a Child is Born | Christmas Newborn Photoshoot

Hello Lovely,

Photographing a newborn is a unique experience.It’s amazing how quickly they grow up and how quickly you forget their little stages. One of the most important stages in a baby's life, is baby's first Christmas! As you all know Christmas is my favourite time of year, so I feel it's extra special for our little ones. Their innocence and exploration is so precious you never want to miss a second! Let's face it, these kids are practically born with their own personalities and agenda's. 

Meet Makhlyee Haven! This little bundle of joy was only 4 weeks old at the time of our shoot! She has grey eyes and the cutest little cheeks! It wasn't until the end of the shoot when I realised that this candid shot was my favourite and trumped all of the staged shots. There's something so simple about it, that's still so striking, that makes it hauntingly beautiful. Even these ones below were a crowd pleaser because we didn't expect her to smile. These candid shots really showed her playful personality. Moments like these I happened to capture because I kept snapping.

Baby Photography is the most unpredictable of all if you ask me (right after wedding photography). Even when I'm working in your home, so many things can happen that throws us off schedule and sometimes we'll have to scrap a shot altogether. Remember when newborns just laid there and never really did anything impressive? Not any more! The most amazing part of this shoot for me was seeing Makhylee hold herself up inside of the Christmas box. I mean at first, she slumped over and to be honest, it was hilarious (I now totally understand the drunk baby memes). But after a few minutes it was as if she put on her big girl pants. But of course after awhile, all of the excitement wore her out and she needed a beauty nap.

When it comes to shooting baby's, I like to focus on the details. They grow so quickly, something that was there this week, may be bigger/smaller/gone next week. These little things can easily be taken for granted. It's important to capture these moments so you can look back at them once the child is older.

Some of the best shots were also because of the added human element: mom.

We didn't show all of mom, just bits and pieces, because it was really more about Makhylee.

I hope you enjoyed meeting her! If you're interested in booking your own Christmas photoshoot, you'll have to act fast as I leave at the end of next week. Fill out the form below and specify if you want a Christmas shoot or something that can wait until next year. I can't wait to hear from you!

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Hello Lovely,

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the extensive use of “we” in certain posts lately. If you have, you’re probably wondering who this other person is. If not, don’t feel bad, I’m going to tell you anyway. Awhile back I put out a call for a new blog contributor and an angel answered! Her name is Mechelle Sweeting, a fellow cat lover, outdoor enthusiast and foodie extraordinaire! So far, she’s been working behind the scenes for a few weeks to help with the expansion and you’ll soon see some changes like a cleaner homepage and a wider variety of content on the blog. So who is this mysterious woman, you ask?

She loves to eat and cook various cuisines from around the world, including Italian, Asian and Bahamian.  Trying different foods and out-of-the-box dishes like escargot, seaweed salad and sushi fuels her love for travel and exploration. Mechelle loves writing; using it as a main source of self-expression: “When you feel it, as you feel it - write it!”

No need for expensive store-bought products, DIY skincare is her everyday go to and nail therapy is a MUST: stiletto, coffin, almond, and gemstones – the whole shebang! She’s a girly-girl through and through with a strong spirit and a big heart! I’m so glad to welcome her to the team and I know you’ll love her!

Here are 10 Fun Facts Mechelle is sharing with us for you to get to know her better! Take it away Mechelle:

Hello Everyone! It’s so great to be a part of the team. I can’t wait to begin sharing with you and giving your life a personal touch! But before we get into that, here are 10 fun facts I wanted you to know about me!

·         Usual Sushi order – Seaweed salad, as well as a side of eel sauce and extra ginger to accommodate my roll.  I prefer salmon rolls with avocado or cream cheese fillings but I am branching out into ahi tuna

·         Favourite Desserts- cheesecake, guava duff, carrot cake

·         I prefer cats over dogs - They’re fluffy, warm and snuggle up around your ankles at just the right times. Mr. Wiggins will soon be added to the Sweeting family.

·         I can go weeks without meat! From my late teens I spent many years following a vegetarian lifestyle and was content not eating meat.  I easily have meals of just vegetables such as smashed plantain, boiled butternut squash or pumpkin.

·         In case you're wondering.......it's Mrs. Sweeting ;) My hubby and I love to watch movies and cuddle up on the couch or in the theatre (snacks are ALWAYS included).

·         I'm in love with the outdoors and gardening (thanks Mom!).  I continue to find inspiration and tranquillity through plants wherever I go.

·         My fitness preferences are Yoga, Spinning and Walking.

·         Although I started my natural hair journey 11 years ago, I’ve grown my locs for 9, with many trims and styles in between. 

·         I binge watch Food shows such as Chopped, Top Chef (my favourite), Hell’s Kitchen and enjoy Food Documentaries such as Fed Up!, Food Inc. and Hungry for more.

·         I am an avid user of fresh citrus for face masks such as orange or lemon (P.S. lemon and honey is an excellent mix!)

Join me on Pinterest to see what else I’m inspired by and tune back tomorrow to read my first post!

Tuesday Ten: My Favourite Shots from an Impromptu Shoot

Hello Lovely,

Last week I was supposed to have a meeting with my supervisor, but it got cancelled, leaving me with an entire afternoon of nothing to do. That is, until my best friend Gary called me over to help him with his birthday shots. When I got there, he was editing photos that he had already taken of himself. So while he did that, I had fun with my own little photo shoot. Of course, at that point, I wished that I had washed my face before going over because my skin was so oily! But that's what happens when you have impromptu photo shoots in the middle of rainy weather.

What I love about impromptu shoots is the spontaneity of it all! I had oily skin and two stains on an non-ironed Hollister romper I hadn't worn in years, but I didn't care! It was so much fun posing and dancing for the camera. It was my first time using a trigger for a self portrait so I loved that I could learn while having fun. I even tried a jump shot (didn't make the cut), and totally lied about it when Gary asked me if I was trying to jump. I'm sure I'll get it next time.

Then Gary got some shots of me before we went back to taking his photos. I channelled my inner Chanel Iman, and really strut my stuff! And Gary did not disappoint either when it was his turn. I can't show those photos because they're being used for a different project, but trust me, they came out great! So here are some of my favourite shots from last weeks' impromptu shoot!

I would encourage everyone to have a pop up photo shoot with their friends. Even if it's pulling over on the side of the road to pose in front of that mural you drive past everyday. Impromptu shots are a great way to celebrate life and the people you have in your life. They're also a great way to capture a moment in time; maybe its a new hairstyle or favourite outfit. Maybe it's a mural that will soon be painted over. There are so many buildings and statues that are gone now that I wish I was able to capture. So I'm seizing every moment from now on. And when you're done, it'll make a great scrapbook!

How do you like to capture your favourite moments? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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Romantic Maternity Session

EJ & Janae | Unstoppable Love Engagement Photo Session

EJ & Janae | Unstoppable Love Engagement Photo Session

Working at a Bath and Body store six years ago, Janae never thought that’s how she would meet her future husband. After four years of an unsuspecting friendship, and a failed relationship with a mutual friend, EJ finally made his move. She loved his sense of humour and he could always make even a bad situation good. Little did Janae know, from that moment, he had planned to make her the one, and wasn’t taking no for an answer. EJ saw a passionate, down-to-earth and selfless woman who went above and beyond to make others happy.

EJ said that peaches remind him of Janae, and I can’t blame him. She has very peachy cheeks, and always has as long as I’ve known her.

Janae recounted feeling secure, loved and special when she’s with him, which definitely showed in the photos. She was comfortable around him, whereas her beauty and smile left him speechless while shooting. She was caring and considerate, always making sure he looked his best in between shooting; even coaching him behind the scenes, which of course made him blush. Their matching outfits were absolutely adorable! Can you believe that Janae's mother made the dress specifically for the shoot in like two days?

When they think about all that they’ve been through, the one thing they can laugh about now, is how despite everything, their engagement was almost called off over a Jet Ski incident! EJ laughed, but Janae didn’t find it so funny when she found herself thrown off of a Jet Ski after recently getting her hair done. She admits it was silly now, but I can just imagine her yelling at him for messing up her hair in the middle of the ocean.

On February 13, 2015 EJ took the next step in their relationship by proposing over dinner in a restaurant. They are both looking forward to new experiences and Janae is especially looking forward to being a wife and a mother.

“He’s not a perfect person, I’m not a perfect person, but I think that we’re perfect for each other. I honestly think that God sent him in my direction.” - Janae

 Thank you for allowing me to capture this precious moment in your lives. May God to continue to richly bless each of you!

Thank you for allowing me to capture this precious moment in your lives. May God to continue to richly bless each of you!