A Mother's Story: My Mother


Being a mother is a dream for most women.  I never understood the magnitude of motherhood until I became one.  I have had an awesome example of what being a mother should be from my mom. 

Being a mom is not only great but very rewarding.  There is no doubt as to extent I would go for Alexis and Olivia.  It warms my heart to see them in a relationship with God.  I am so proud, and grateful, of whom they have become.  I am learning when to give advice and when to just listen.  I miss kissing the boo boos, trying to understand their many drawings, listening to their day on our drive home from school, and, tucking them in bed just to list a few.  Olivia still insists that I read her bedtime stories, cut up apples, and Alexis says his food tastes better when I take it up.   I thank God every day for my countless memories.


Being a mother I wish that I can take away all their worries, pains and disappointments.  My daily prayer is that God continues to keep them covered under his wings and build walls of hedges around them.