A Mother's Story: Unexpected Love


Hello Lovely,

I would compare it to a day on the beach, the outing would be calm and clear then out of nowhere it rains or the water goes from calm to rough waves. You may get mad or annoyed but still love going. On any given day your emotions are all over the place; your child could decide that they want to wear powder and then dust it all over your freshly washed clothes. Or they have a play date with their teddy bears in bed and teddy gets thirsty so she gets real water to give him and your bed gets soaked. They think that they can persuade you with the, “Mommy I love you”, and I say “I love you to but you’re still going to get spanked”. 

When you’re having those low points in the day and your child comes and lays on you and you ask them what happened and she says nothing I just want you, that melts my heart. Or watching your child learn something new from you and that proud felling you get when they succeed at it. One day Brooklynn and Dorothy were in character playing Anna and Elsa, but the roles were reversed, youngest playing Elsa and oldest Anna. So Dory (Dorothy) comes into the room and slams the door. I looked at her ready to tell her off but the next second, Brooklynn knocks on the door and says “Do you wanna build a snowman?” Dory who had opened the door closed it in her face and shouted, “No way!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Children make you love in ways you never expected. I was mad the other day and was rowing them about what they should and  shouldn’t do so my youngest Dorothy said to Brooklynn “mommies so grouchy today” I turned around and started to laugh. It was so unexpected but my mood changed from being irritated to happy just like that. Children will test your patience, they will nag or beg, start crying because you tell them that they can’t have something, they want or ask for something then change their minds and want to eat something else, but at the end of the day, you love them because you realised that before they came along you didn’t have the love that you have now.