September Favourites

Hello Lovely,

Oh yeah, look who’s bringing back the monthly recaps! We've made it to the end of September and I am exhausted! Starting a new job brings so much anxiety but from my first day, I felt welcomed and appreciated, which I didn't have on my last job. The teamwork between myself and the others in my department was stellar, so I'm really looking forward to rest of the school year. Can you believe I now teach a grade SEVEN class???? I was terrified for my first class, especially because we didn't have an actual classroom, but it went well and I became less anxious over time.

This has definitely been the month of recipes! I shared 11 recipes with you guys this month! WOW that is a lot! But ultimately my favourite recipe was the Eggs Benedict Casserole from the Magnolia Table cookbook!

Eggs Benedict Cover.png

Who knew something as luxurious as Eggs Benedict could be so easy to make at home!

My most talked about post was this photo that I shared about my weight on Instagram:

Why I'm Afraid To Get Too Personal On My Blog.png

The outpouring of support was absolutely incredible! I really think the more we begin to accept our bodies and stop shaming each other for the tiniest imperfection, the happier we all can be.

Most Popular Blog Post

My most popular blog post this month was actually a very personal post about why I chose not to get too personal on my blog. The truth is, everyone doesn't need to know everything about your life, but you also shouldn't be so ashamed of the truth that you create a completely false life just to please others who are probably struggling with the same shit as you. So I shared some of my biggest insecurities and it felt great to be heard, understood and accepted.

I had a lot of fun with my hairstylist on re-creating this hairstyle from Tamera Mowry. I got so many compliments on this, it just may be added to my regular rotation of hairstyles!

I want to thank you guys for being so patient with my schedule shift to 3 posts per week instead of 5. My new job is much more time consuming so I definitely don’t have the time to write and create like I used to. Thanks so much for the support! What was your favourite post this month? Share your favourite moments in the comment section below!