Baobab Powder Review

Hello Lovely,

A few weeks ago, we received a free sample of Baobab powder from PandaVita to review. So without further ado, here's what I thought about the product.

What’s the Product?

Before PandaVita asked me to review their product, I had never heard of Baobab powder. But after doing some research, I couldn’t wait to try it! Raw organic baobab (bay-oh-bab) powder is obtained from the baobab fruit through a natural process. This powder has been said to provide a number of nutrient rich benefits including, energy boosts, better digestion, immune system support, protecting and repairing cells, and healthy, glowing skin.

First Impressions

I received the 25g version of the product, which isn’t even available for sale as the smallest amount available is the 50g. I loved the colourful design on the package and the easy open and re-sealable packaging. 

How I used it

What I loved about this product is that unlike most protein powders, I couldn’t taste it in anything I added it to. It claims to have a sweet citrusy flavour, but I added it to my coffee and didn’t taste anything. It made it easy to blend into the different recipes I tried. In addition to my coffee, I added it to my pancakes, oats and even made the Baobab juice recipe that’s on PandaVita’s website. I’ve included the recipe in this post.

How does this product impact my wallet?

Right now, PandaVita is having a sale on the 100g and the 250g. The 50g is only 5GBP which is $6.26 USD. The 100g is $11.29 sale price and the 250g is $16.31 sale price.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Yes, absolutely. When I use it daily, I notice that my acid reflux isn’t a problem. Sure it clumped in my coffee, but with so many health benefits and at such a low price, you’d be crazy to pass on this! And since I’m so horrible at taking vitamins, this is perfect product for getting additional nutrients into your diet.