What I'm Wearing Wednesdays

Hello lovely,

At the beginning of May I began work on a dress to wear on my vacation to St. Croix. I had put together 5 inspiring ideas that I could replicate to wear on my trip. One dress in particular stuck out to me that I just had to make.

Isn't it gorgeous?! I was so amazed I wanted it immediately! It was only $9, but here's why I opted to make the dress instead of buy it.

WTH is that? That is not how the dress was pictured at all! There was no way I was buying this fugly dress. It looked like it was made from an old bed sheet from your grandmother's house. So right then and there, I knew I needed to make it, with not much time to spare.

I bought the fabric (3 yards at only $5 per yard) and spent $70 to repair my sewing machine only for the machine to crash on me two days before my trip. (This was already costing me more than the misleading dress online). I had to send it back to get a free fix and finished the dress the night before the trip. I was absolutely in love with the dress when I was done! I made the skirt first with an elastic waist then the top and attached the two. The skirt was voluminous just like the photo and even though I had to fudge the straps, I made it work! I was hoping to wear it while we were there, but we never went anywhere nice enough for me to wear it. So on Sunday I wore it to my grandfather's retirement luncheon and released a teaser photo on my Instagram, and now I can't wait to unveil the whole thing!

So what do you think? Do you like it? Sorry I couldn't strike a fiercer diva pose. My dad was taking the photo, and people just don't understand how much time really needs to be invested in getting the right photo. We were rushed the entire time so we did our best, even though my dad think he's just as good a photographer as me. Yeah, right, but Father's Day is right around the corner, so let's let him think that. Thanks again daddy for the photos!