Boss Beauties Who Brunch Brand Building Mixer

Hello Lovely,

This past Wednesday, The Boss Beauties Who Brunch, comprised of local media moguls, TAP and Lavonne Alexis held their second mixer dedicated to Brand Building. The event was held at Halcyon Restaurant on Charlotte Street and it was jam packed with female entrepreneurs. Although I knew some of the women in the room, it was great to see so many new faces in the industry.

We learned amazing tips from Lamysha Cox, a local attorney on how to protect yourself in business. Here’s a quick recap of the tips:

  1. Secure Your Identity
  2. Get It In Writing
  3. Read Everything
  4. Get Help When You Need It
  5. Zip It (Be careful who you reveal your plans to)
  6. Mind Your Behavior
  7. Do Due Diligence

Then we heard from Jazzie Belle on the theme, "Create Don't Wait". Jazzie Belle Is the host of the Women In Hip-Hop Podcast, and an emerging media personality. She started Jazzie Belle TV by interviewing celebrities in the hallway of the radio station she interned at. Jazzie Belle dished on the lack of respect shown to women in the industry, dressing appropriately, dating within the industry, collaboration over competition,  and racism.

A fun aspect that I think should be added next time is a dance break. I love the professional mixer theme but we're still so young for such a stiff environment. Nothing wrong with mixing and dancing, right? The only thing I did not like about the event was the lighting! It was horrible! Most of my photos had the ugly yellow tint or were completely unusable because the slightest movement meant a blurry photo. I wish more Bahamian restaurants and bars would understand the importance of good lighting. In a digital age where everyone wants to be able to say they attended an event at your spot, it's really important to have a good quality photo. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to events but I never shared any photos because the lighting meant a horrible photo.

I can't wait until their next mixer event, which is planned to be a brunch next month! Stay tuned!