CSISoundcore: Everything you need to know before buying acoustic wall panels


Most of the office spaces suffer from noise pollution.  This causes a serious annoyance in the conference room. This is why providing acoustic wall insulation is in great demand. But, people go on asking some questions repeatedly. It means those need a better explanation. This blog covers 10 such frequently asked questions.


1. What are the acoustic panels?

These are the most perfect choice to improve the acoustic comfort in a room. Made from sound absorption products these panels can improve the acoustics in any room. These are designed to dampen the noise. Coming in a broad range of designs and patterns, they can also add to the aesthetics.

2. Why acoustic comfort is necessary?

Places with bare walls, hard floor, and high ceiling lead to fluttering echo. Such conditions are distracting and lower down the performance. This may also lead to serious health issues.

Office spaces, especially the meeting rooms, need to be quiet. If the people cannot hear or understand properly their performance is sure to go down. With the right acoustical treatments, you can enhance the quality of interaction and performance.

3. How acoustic wall panels work?

These are manufactured from sound absorption materials. Even 100% microbial wool felt is also used in some of them. They prevent repetitive bouncing of the sounds inside the room. These make the room quiet and relaxing with a high-degree dampening of sound.

4. How many acoustic wall panels are needed?

This is a tricky question and does not have a one-line answer. It depends on many factors. The construction, finish, the number of windows has to be considered.  It also depends on the use of the room. For instance, a recording studio and an office meeting room have different requirements. Better consult a pro for assessing your exact requirement.


5. How soundproofing panels differ from sound absorbing panels?

Soundproofing panels prevent the inflow and outflow of sound. The sound absorbing panels reduce the reverberation of the sound inside the room.

6. Do acoustic wall panels ruin the look?

No one designs a place to have bad acoustics.  This becomes evident at a later stage and for that these panels are used. Coming in vibrant colors they can enhance the overall look and feel of an office room.

7. Where to install these?

This should be installed where the sound hits the walls. When the room has a single sound source this can be easily identified.  In case there are groups of people, then installing them at a height of three to six feet yields better results. Better consult a pro for odd-shaped room with complex sound sources.

8. How to install these?

The panels can be attached on a frame or can be fixed directly to the walls. Some panels are fixed with studs to leave a gap between the wall and the panel for better results. Anyone having some DIY exposure can install them.

9. What are the variants available?

The continuous buzz of the HAVC, traffic noises etc can take your office on the edge. The acoustic dampening panels can give you a great relief from such a noisy condition. These are available in a plethora of designs and can perform many functions.  You can choose anything from the followings:


Flap Collection

This is a design-oriented acoustical solution for the ceiling. Coming in a wide range of design and color they can fit any office interior.


Planar Collection

When you look for modular wall tiles, planar can be of great use. Combining aesthetics with architecture, this can deliver unique acoustical results. These are also easy to install.


Cumulus collection

This is an inventive noise reduction solution.  They come in a broad range of shapes and colors and also offer endless customization.  These ceiling solutions are perfect for the places like cafeterias, lobbies and meeting rooms.

Stencil collection

This versatile divider screen can be used anywhere irrespective of the type of the office. This hangs from ceilings to the floor and offers reasonable privacy with sufficient noise reduction capacity.


Tactio collection

These panels bring in a warm and welcoming feeling with reasonable noise reduction. Manufactured from special sound absorbing materials and felt they make the interior relaxed and soothing.



This modular system embraces more control over colors and motifs. While the panels may vary in width and color, they come in a uniform height. Using them you can have many décor combinations.



This lets you have 3D feelings in a sheet and adds character and personality to the room.


You can fix this directly to the cabinets, partitions, and various other utilities. They are great noise dampening materials and can add a splash of color to the interior.


This is an off-the-wall noise reduction solution. Available as perpendicular blades, they can reduce the reverberation of noise to a great extent.  Using them delivers an awe-inspiring interior.

2018-10-19 (1).png


This is meant for direct mounting on the existing ceiling. They offer unique noise dampening while adding depth and dimension to the place.

These are the major variants. All of them are manufactured using special acoustic materials. Some of these also use 100% wool for dampening noises. These have 0.45 to 0.90 NRC and it may be improved with a special installation.

10. What are the features?

The acoustic absorption panels offer great noise reduction capacity. They are also impact-resistant and can also absorb shocks. These environment-friendly solutions are free from volatile organic chemicals including formaldehyde. They have no toxicity and cause no allergy.

These conform to the requirements of the ASTM E84 and have a class ‘A’ fire rating. Thus, you can get a safe and legal environment. Combined with 100% antimicrobial wool, they deliver a nice sound dampening experience. Using these you get a non-hygroscopic solution that does not deteriorate easily.

Unwanted sound causes distraction and may lead to serious health issues. The above tells about the acoustic office wall panels and applications.  This is a great help for combating noises. Now that you know the details, follow these to make your office acoustically comfortable.