Cucumber Lemon Lime Infused Water

Hello Lovely,

Infused water boasts the benefits of boosted metabolism, detoxification and a much needed dose of re-hydration throughout the day instead of the usual afternoon grogginess.  But what is infused water?  It’s an infusion of fruits and vegetables which may result in absorption of vitamins.  It’s a tasty alternative to plain H20 and even more fun to make!  With blends fresh herbs (basil, mint) and fruit options (raspberry, lemon and strawberry), the possibilities are endless and fun!

A light in flavor but effective recipe involves the humble cucumber.  We all know the digestive benefits of Citric acid and vitamin C found in lemon and lime, but cucumber also has two important components for digestion, namely water and fibre.  By combining these three into an 8oz. glass of water, you are detoxing your body in a refreshing and all natural way.

Cucumber Lemon Lime Infused Water


  • 8 slices each of fresh cucumber

  • 5 slices of fresh lemon

  • 3 slices of fresh lime

  • 1 8 oz glass

  • 7 oz water


  1. Place sliced fruits into the glass and add 7 oz. of cold water.  Mix for 2 – 3 minutes and let settle.

  2. For the best results, let the infused water sit for 1- 2 hours room temperature or 3-4 in the fridge for optimum flavor.  The benefits of citrus is that they infuse quickly and can be ready in minutes.

  3. After awaiting the desired time you can place the water in a bottle if you’re on the go or in a glass pitcher to serve to guests.  I’m sure your friends would like to try this fruity concoction also!  I’ve chosen the amount of slices based on the flavor I want infused the most.  You can increase the size and amount of slices to your liking.

Remember, fresh fruit items should be removed from the water, if it is not being consumed that day to avoid decomposition.

Have you ever tried infused water? What is your favourite ingredient? Share with us your latest recipe