Curb Appeal Tricks For A Fast Selling Home

Hello lovely,

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, one of the most important things you can do to make it sell fast is focus on your curb appeal. Your curb appeal gives off the first impression of your home to buyers, and can completely change the way they view your home throughout the entire viewing. For example, if your house looks neglected and has many repairs, they may have already made their mind up about it before they step inside, even if the inside of your home is pretty great.


If you want to avoid putting your viewers off within the first few seconds, then follow the curb appeal tricks below for a fast selling home. 

1.Make Any Repairs

If you have repairs that you know need to be made, don’t put them off. Making these repairs now, rather than later, will ensure that they don't get any worse. You’ll also stop the potential buyers from negotiating you down in price, which they can easily do with a number of repairs present. 


2. Invest In New Windows/Doors

New windows/doors won’t exactly be cheap, but they can provide a brand new look to your home. A place like Facelift for Homes could advise you on what to look at for your home depending on the sort of look you’re going for. For instance, sliding doors can enable you to enjoy the garden more effectively. 


3. Tidy Up Your Garden

Tidying up your garden isn't difficult. You could always hire somebody to do it for you if you don’t consider yourself ‘green fingered’. Trimming your shrubs and trees, getting rid of weeds, and making sure your lawn is tidy will help to amp up your curb appeal and give your home a faster chance of selling. 

4. Wash Your Car

You’re not selling your car, but washing it will add to the impression you’re trying to give off to viewers. Make it nice and shiny and this will give your curb appeal a little extra boost! 

5. Plant Some Colour In Your Garden

If you like, you could even plant some colour in your garden to give it further appeal. It’s a good idea to make sure the plants are low maintenance so you don’t have to think about caring for them too much while you’re trying to sell your home. 

6. Create a Living Space Outdoors 

Creating a living space outdoors will be very useful for the people who consider buying your home. Add a rug, some durable furniture, maybe a mirror, and some nice accessories. This will give the people who buy a nice place to sit and relax together - it’ll put the idea in their heads, and using their imagination to picture themselves in the house is key when you want them to buy. 

7. Use A Power Wash

Use a power wash on your decking, slabs, and anything else that needs a deep clean. 

8. Install The Right Lighting

Make sure you have the right lighting installed - this is essential for safety and viewers will notice if it’s not there!