Hello Lovely,

Last week Sunday I was sitting at home, after a long day of cleaning, when I got a call from my hairstylist. Her family planned to have a photoshoot, but the photographer was no longer available so she called me. I was honoured that she chose me to photograph her family. Over the past two years, Jamell has told me numerous stories about her family, but I never met them until the shoot. Can you believe she has THREE sisters? Imagine, raising FOUR girls, all with larger than life personalities! I wonder if her parents were trying for a boy, but I’m sure they wouldn’t trade any of their daughters for anything in the world!


I haven’t done a photoshoot in forever, so I was worried I might’ve been a little rusty, but once I met everyone, I had nothing to worry about. I just love this family! I laughed the entire session! Everyone brought so much energy, I hardly had to direct at all, which is my favourite kind of client. We moved through this session really quickly and I’m really happy with how many shots we got in only one hour of shooting. Thank you guys for inviting me to capture this moment for you; I feel like an honorary member of the family now!