DIY Catnip Toy

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!!


And best of all, it's Friday!


I got back from vacation on Tuesday and it took me a few days to re-adjust. I don't wish to go into details about my trip but just know that I had a great time and I boyfriend and I really bonded. I got a good amount of shopping done, which was how I came to this project.


I was genuinely too lazy to buy cat toys for my cats. But I did manage to buy catnip for them from the Dollar Tree (my favourite store in the entire world). So yesterday, while I waited for my computer to install Windows 10 (which took about two hours to complete), I made these little bad boys (also while watching a marathon of the Daily Show). Is anyone else sad that this show is over? I was doing fine up until Stephen Colbert gave his speech and Jon Stewart gave his final speech. And when Bruce Springstein started playing, I was a puddle. I only started watching the show in 2011, after a college friend could not believe that I had never watched the show. And ever since then I was hooked. Between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, they were the only people who could get me to care about world events and current affairs.

(Let me move on before I start getting sappy again)

Okay, this project probably only took a total of 20 minutes, including prep time.

I used a fabric we had for a really long time, with the intent of making a pillow case out of, but just never got around to making it. I would suggest using a on old scrap piece of fabric that you probably should've thrown away but saved just for a project like this. A nice square size with two pieces of fabric should do the trick.

Start by making a simple satchet or casing. All you have to do is ensure that both right sides are facing together and everything lines up evenly (not that your cats will really notice). Still all the way around the four corners but leave an opening about a teaspoon size.

Turn the satchet inside out. Depending on the shape you went with, it should look something like this (ignore my chipping nail polish):

Then you can stuff your satchet with the catnip. I used my scoop that came with my coffee maker to gently scoop about two teaspoons of catnip into the satchet.

I didn't want it to be too full in case the cats somehow ripped it and it ended up all over the place.

At this point my nosey cat couldn't resist but "inspect" my project.

 He was so cute, eagerly sniffing around my sewing desk, but he had to wait.

And boy was he happy when I was done! I made two (one for each of my cats). Ichigo (my ginger cat, the male) played with it the most at first, and even though there were two, Rukia (my black and white female cat) wasn't too impressed.

She also ran away any time she saw the light from the camera. She's very antisocial like that.

But Ichi liked it and had a ball playing with it. Best of all, it only cost me $1 and approximately 20 minutes to make.

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