DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

Hello Lovely,

How fun is our chalkboard serving tray guys!?  These are great for entertaining, centerpieces and they also make great gifts!  

Get your wood. You can make yours as long as you want!

First step… Stain your board if it isn't already! You don't want it to dry rot.

After your stain dries (about an hour), tape off the edges and sides using painter’s tape if you don't want the sides to be painted. I didn't do that to mine because I wanted the whole thing to be painted.

Now for chalkboard spray paint… We love this stuff! It's under $4 at Walmart so shop around and see how much local stores are selling it for if you're not near a Walmart. Just give the exposed wood a coat of it and allow up to 1 hour for it dry completely.

Now for the hardware! You can have so much fun with this part!  We used simple silver drawer handles, but you can change yours up to fit your taste or give it a different look! Feel free to recycle and old handle. If you have to buy any, they're usually under $5 at major department stores like Kelly's and CBS. I don't have the tools to attach the handles using the provided screws, so I hot glue mine.

Suggestions: Know your limits. The type of wood used and your method of attaching the handle to the wood will determine the sturdiness of your serving tray. I don't want you to be embarrased serving food on your brand new DIY tray to friends and it falls apart. So if you used cheap wood like me, and attached the handles using hot glue instead of the screws, try to only serve light snacks on it and avoid anything heavy like your fancy wine crafe and glasses.


And that's it! The size of your board will determine how much food you can fit on it. Because I don't host many social gatherings (yet), I knew I wouldn't need anything too big. Wow your friends with this simple DIY at your next soiree and make sure to use dustless chalk to avoid allergens!