DIY Coconut Milk Leave In Spray On Conditioner

Hi Friends!

I'm back again with another crazy easy DIY product that you can make yourself for your health! That kinda rhymed didn't it? Let's just nod and agree that it did!

I think I've mentioned before that I suffer from majorly dry hair.  You know, once or twice. I've tried a lot of things to retain moisture, and so far nothing is a permanent fixture in my life. It's the main reason why I'm never dyeing my hair EVER AGAIN! And you can quote me on that. You can also quote me as having said that I am woman and reserve the right the change my mind as I see fit. But as for now, no more hair dyes! No more bleaching! My hair will be black, strong and long! I declare it!

Now that my mini random Baptist moment is over (I'm not even Baptist), let me let you in on a little secret. Last week I made a deep conditioning treatment for protein sensitive hair just to see if I have protein sensitive hair. Because my last experiment with that didn't end well at all! I made videos of both of these experiments but I just can't find the time to edit and post them. So just use that colourful imagination of yours and picture it. Dry brittle hair desperate for soul quenching nourishment. And then, by a miracle, I discovered something that worked amazingly well in my hair! The beautiful combination of banana, aloe vera juice (which after two-three weeks, I finally found for $12) and coconut milk. My hair never felt softer. So now, being the inner scientist I am, I'm separating the ingredients to find out which one has the magical healing powers or if it only works in that combination. the first one I started with is the coconut milk. Coconut milk is packed with loads of proteins and vitamins which makes it an excellent beauty product. It adds strength and elasticity to weak, brittle and damaged hair, and promotes longer hair by helping reduce everyday damage. I got this recipe from I simply reused an old empty spray bottle and got to work!


Coconut Milk Leave in Conditioner Spray

This homemade all natural leave in conditioner will not only keep your hair soft, shiny and moisturised but will also treat any hair problems naturally.

  • 1/2 cup Coconut Milk

  • 1 cup distilled water

  • 1tsp of vitamin E oil (optional)

  • Few drops of lavender oil or any other essential oil

  • 1 tbsp Aloe vera juice

Mix it all in a spray bottle and mist only on the ends of your hair. If you have natural hair, beware that while this will immediately soften your hair, it will harden after 8+ hours. This is normal, because it will return to a nourished softness with the natural moisture your hair produces. It may be a sign of protein sensitivity.You probably won't need to use this more than once per week (twice at the most). You should notice a subtle growth in your hair as well over prolonged use.

Update: December 22, 2015

After getting my first blowout since going natural, my hair is not shoulder blade length and probably less than 6 inches away from bra-strap length! This is amazing because my hair went from being roughly in the middle space between my ear and shoulder to shoulder blade length in about 6 months!

I hope you enjoy using it!