DIY Colourblock Wall Hanging

Hello Lovely,

During the time I had off due to Hurricane Dorian, I decided to work on some wall art for the living room. Since re-doing the living room, I’ve painted the walls, made a pom pom rug, swapped out an armchair and the TV stand, and I’ve looked into getting chair covers from Amazon for the sofas instead of shelling out 2k for new furniture. But my walls are still very much bare so I took this time to start filling it with DIY artwork.


You won't believe what lies beneath this fabulous wall hanging — an embroidery hoop! Now this can be done even with a hula hoop for a much bigger design. I used a 14” embroidery hoop to tap into the oversize art craze that is totally trending on Pinterest and Instagram right now. The result is an unbelievably chic piece of art that makes a dramatic statement wherever you hang it. I thought I would’ve finished this within an hour, but it actually took me about 3-4 days (mostly because I’m easily distracted). On the last day, my biggest issue was that I can’t really see straight, so my portions were consistently off. I ended up using 55 strings of tan, 20 strings of grey and 30 strings of the mixed colour in the middle just to get a full look and I absolutely love it! My next project is learning how to macrame so I can’t wait to show you guys that. But until then, let me show you how I did this one!



  • Embroidery/Hula hoop

  • Parfait layers yarn, or any ombre coloured yarn

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Nail and hammer


Step 1

Measure the diameter of your hoop. You'll want to double this measurement and then add 4 inches to determine what length to cut your yarn strands. For example, if the diameter of your hoop is 28 inches, then your yarn strands should be 60 inches ( 28 x 2 + 4 ).


Step 2

Cut oh-so-many strands of yarn to the length you determined in Step 1. You'll likely go through at least four skeins of yarn to fill your hula hoop (depending on the size). It's easier to pre-cut all of the strings to the same length and trim into a circle shape (or whatever shape you choose) afterwards.

Step 3

Once you've pre-cut all of your yarn strings, start tying each one onto your hoop using a lark's head knot. Essentially, you fold your yarn string in half. Pinch the middle of the string to form a loop. Hold the loop in one hand on top of the hoop and slip the tails of the yarn underneath the hoop.

Now, just feed the tails of the yarn through the loop and pull down. Let the strands dangle below the knot. You'll only need to tie yarn strands on the top half of the hoop, as the bottom half will be covered by the strands dangling over it. Continue until your hoop is covered.

Tip: You can either hang the hula hoop on the wall while you work or place the hula hoop flat on a table. Either way, you're gonna be tying knots for a while, so queue up something binge-worthy on Netflix or Hulu to pass the time.


Step 4

Once you've tied enough yarn strands to cover your hula hoop, trim the bottom of the strands to follow the natural circular shape of the hula hoop. You'll want to leave at least four extra inches of yarn hanging below the bottom of the hula hoop so that it doesn't show through. It's best to trim less at first (as opposed to too much), step back, and then fine tune as needed.

Pin for Later Wall Hanging.png

Now you have a show-stopping #wallhanging to humble brag about on social. Tag me @life_by_olivia on Instagram if you make one!