DIY Colourful Tassel Earrings

Hello Lovely,

This colourful DIY comes from my idol, Martha Stewart! This year I definitely want to do more DIY projects. At first I had my heart set on making a tote bag because I could always use those when I go to the grocery store, but my sewing machine needs fixing again (probably from lack of use). For me a DIY should be practical - something I would actually use that won't take up too much space. Throughout my searching, I came across DIY Tassel Earrings, and thought, I love tassels - I can do this! And so, this tutorial was born! It is so easy.  And the best part about these simple yet elegant tassel earrings is that they are completely customizable!

DIY Easy Tassel Earrings.jpg

They’re really easy to make, and definitely something you should put on your list for your next DIY project. Make a matching Mini-Tassel Chain Necklace to pair with your set of earrings. To make your own tassels of any size with thread, see Martha's easy how-to. For more jewelry-making projects and ideas, browse her collection of Handmade Earrings


  • TopAccessories21 mini tassels, 1", in Light Camel, $2 for 10; and silk handmade tassels, 2.3", in Coral, $2.50 for 6,
  • Nature Beads silk handmade tassels, 2.3", in Rose Quartz, $3 each,
  • Tintin Beads Chinese-knot tassels, 6", in Canary Yellow and Aqua, $6 for 2,
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Ear wires, in Sterling Silver, $5.25 for 2 pairs; and in 14-Karat-Gold Filled, $7.75 a pair,


  1. Choose the size and color of your tassels. (Tip: See our editors' favourites in the materials list.)

  2. Use needle-nose pliers to slip fishhook-shaped ear wires through tassels and insert the top loops of the tassels inside. Pinch the wire closed around the tassels. Or

  3. Without using pliers, cut the top string on the tassel to open it up into one long string. Loop it through the hole, then knot it at the base of the tassel. Trim the excess.

This is an easy 10 minute project that you can do with your girlfriends. Whether you have pliers or not, you can easily make these gorgeous earrings! Choose whatever colour tassel you want or make your own using embroidery thread! What do you think of this DIY? I hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to like this post and leave a comment in the section below!