DIY Nautical Themed Wedding

I had the privilege of shooting Cameron & Tanishka Parker's wedding in Abaco on 7th November. I loved how they took charge of their own day and had fun with it. They came up with a lot of their poses in the spirit of the moment and brought a lot of energy. I saw genuine happiness in both of them, wish them nothing but the best going forward and thank them for allowing me to be a part of something so amazing! Out of respect for privacy this is not all of the photos but just a little bit of their love!

How long were you together?
T & C: It's been 6.5 years.

How did Cameron know it was the right time to marry you?
C: After getting to know each other for so long overseas, when we got home it felt right to take that next step. I just knew. 

How did you meet?
T: We met at a popular night spot during a summer break from college.  He was with his guys and I was with my girls. 
C: We met at a night spot the summer of 2009. I asked her to dance. She denied. After a few tries she danced with me. But refused to give me her number. I found her on Facebook and we never stopped talking since. 

What attracted you to each other?
T: He spoke proper English! And he seemed really sincere when he approached me. He wasn't pushy or aggressive, even after I denied him a dance. But he was persistent, he eventually got a short dance and Facebook name (I said no to the number too). He just seemed "different."
C: She was very attractive, sexy, smart all in a glance. That's what attracted me to her. 

How did he pop the question? 
T: He took me to dinner on our 5th year anniversary. I knew he was up to something because he seemed nervous/anxious or "on edge." Whatever he was feeling wasn't normal ((He had to urgently leave twice -- The first time, he said he left his wallet in the car and had to go get it. Then he forgot something else in the middle of dinner (just before dessert)). As though he knew he'd be acting strange and I'd assume he's going to propose, he threw a few curve balls at me during dinner: example - he brought an anniversary gift back from his mid-dinner visit the car. I was nervous to open it (assuming it was a ring) and just waited for dessert. In the middle of dessert (and what I thought was stalling the proposal) Keith Hinsey appeared and serenaded me with an old Luther Vandross song. It was at this point that I knew this definitely was happening. Of course while the song was ending he got on one knee with another box! I said yes :) And by the way, the first box was a gorgeous necklace. It's still my favorite.  


How would you describe the wedding planning process?
T: A roller coaster, the end was the worst! The process was super fun when choosing a theme for the wedding, choosing clothing and all the other fun stuff. When time was winding down and my checklist wasn't shrinking past enough, I became terribly stressed and loathed the process. 
C: The wedding planning process for me was very stressful and annoying. It's very time consuming. But she was great with getting stuff done.

How did it feel walking down the aisle and seeing each other?
T: It was a circus of emotions! I truthfully can't remember most of it. I remember wanting to hug him before continuing down the aisle - I needed a breather but he took my hand and pulled me along. 

C: When I saw her walking down the aisle I thought she was more beautiful then than she ever was. 

What are you most excited for now?
T and C: A new life together as one - just building on the foundation we've built and growing closer and experiencing this life as partners!