Hello Lovely,

This summer I tasked myself with making a rug. I thought it would be easier and cheaper to buy a $6 rug from AID then decorate it with some yarn I had lying around the house. I had eggshell yarn that I was immediately drawn to. At first it was supposed to be a rug for my bedroom, then I realised the colours went really well with the new colour scheme for the living room. I was really excited about this. I originally started with only tassels, then I got the idea to add pom poms. I had no idea how exactly it was going to work, but once I started figuring things out, I felt like I was on a roll.

I used this guide to make my tassels, but truthfully, I never follow anything to the T. I didn’t use embroidery yarn or anything. I used two difficult colours of yarn instead. I found using cardboard to be really easy and on average, each tassel took me about 10 minutes to make. That was pretty easy for me to put together and each end had about 7 tassels. Then I found this video below that really helped me when making the pom poms. It was simple to understand and follow and gave me the perfect sized pom poms.

That was until I began to attach the 20 pom poms I had made and realised how little of the rug it actually covered. I was devastated. I took a break for two weeks! All of the work and carpal tunnel that went into crafting those pom poms and I wasn’t even a 1/3 done with the rug. But once I got out of my feelings, I picked it back up again.

That wasn’t the only hiccup I met. The $16 grey ombre yarn wasn’t enough and barely made 2 1/2 rows of pom poms. I thought the bulky roll would be sufficient but I clearly miscalculated how many yards go into making a single pom pom and how many yards of rug I had to cover.


Then I found a ball of yarn with 1790 yds of a solid grey at Michaels on sale for only $7.97 CAD and I just haaaaaad to buy it! Unfortunately there as only one left. I hoped this one (which is twice the size of the ombre) would be enough to finish the rug, and trust me I feel like I barely made a dent in it (especially considering I had to buy another ombre yarn so that the colours would be evenly distributed). So in total, I spent $54 on this rug, which when you think about it, is pretty cheap. I now completely understand why rugs sell for over $100.

This project took FOREVER! And to be honest, with all the carpal tunnel pain I was getting, at times it wasn’t even fun, but I kept pushing. This was a part of my art therapy for the summer. In fact it was my big project for my art therapy. I really thought I would’ve finished this last month, but with my busy schedule, carpal tunnel and the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY power outages, I literally finished this rug at !2:15 this morning. I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I attached the last pom pom. The pom poms were attached the same way the tassels were, except I threaded it from the top down, so the strings are tied underneath the rug. Trust me you do not want to look under this rug; it’s a HOOOOOOOT mess. Despite that, I’m really proud of this! Now for my living room update.


Even though I should be getting ready to move out, I just couldn’t take my mum’s constant disappoint in the living room. The furniture is old, ripped and torn, and the walls were an ugly green. So in addition to the rug, I painted the living room, got rid of the entertainment centre and replaced it with a sleek design, and I replaced the old lazyboy with the chair of my dreams from Wayfair! That chair was one of the biggest struggles I’ve ever encountered (more on that later). This was my dream chair!!!!!! I wanted an electric blue chair and although the description says navy, this blue pops so nicely! I loooooooooove my chair! I was upset when the price increased from $160 to $235 but I just had to have it. It's not soft at first, but once you sit in it for at least 5 minutes, you'll feel it begin to soften. It's a great height off the ground and feels like a grand chair that doesn't take up much space at all. This is exactly what my living room needed! Check out these before and after photos of the entire living room!

There’s still so much more to do, but I’m really proud of what I’ve managed to do thus far. The thing behind the TV stand is a mirror. We’re still trying to figure out where to put it because it’s so big, but it was so gorgeous I just couldn’t leave it behind. The paint came from Kelly’s, the TV stand (which is actually a dresser) came from the furniture store on Robinson Road next to We Buy, You Sell for only $400. It’s used, but it’s also real wood. Next up, I want to stain the coffee table and end table, and replace the front door to make it easier to open and close. Living room furniture is much more expensive than I thought, so that may not get replaced until next year (if ever, because I really have to start putting this energy into my own place - I’m turning 30 next year after all).

What do you think of the living room renovation so far? Do you like the rug and chair? The walls are very bare for now, but I’ve got some ideas for artwork that I’ll get started on Sunday, so stay tuned for that update! Let me know what you think in the comment section below and have an amazing weekend!