Hello Lovely,

When I saw this DIY on Sarah Hearts, I just had to try it! I originally had a pair of brown sandals that I wore A LOT! and it was starting to show some of that wear and tear. I immediately thought about those shoes being the perfect shoes for this project! But after they died on me on the cruise last year, so did my passion for this project. But with March being THE month for DIY projects, I just had to make these! I loved how colourful and creative the design was, and best of it, requires minimal work! File this project under quick and easy! You won't even need a whole hour start to finish (unless you're easily distracted like I am).

I seriously made this while cooking a pot of pearl couscous. It doesn’t get any easier than this! All I did was feet the string that the tassels were on through the back of the button, and hot glue it in place. Then I hot glued a piece of felt to the back and all that was left was hot gluing it to an alligator clip. But I still included the original tutorial in case you’re unable to do it my way, Not only is my version faster and easier, it’s also cheaper! At less than $15 I was able to make this and I have leftover alligator clips for the next project!





8 – 3.5″ silk tassels
8 – 1″ pom poms
Small piece of faux leather vinyl, any color
¼” wide elastic
Optional: rotary cutercutting mat, and ruler
Comfy of sandal heels


  1. Cut out 2 circles, each 1.25″ in diameter, out of the faux leather vinyl. If you don’t still have a compass from middle school geometry class, you can trace the shape of a bottle cap or a foam pouncer like I did. Cut 2 pieces of elastic long enough to wrap around the top band of your shoes. If you’re making shoe charms for the same shoes, cut each piece of elastic 2¼” long.

  2. Hand sew the elastic in a loop onto the back side of each of the round pieces of vinyl.

  3. One at a time, hand sew each tassel along the bottom edge of the vinyl circle. Make sure that the elastic is vertical while you do this. This will ensure that the tassels will drape down and not sideways once on your shoes. Repeat with the other shoe charm.

  4. One at a time, hand sew each pom pom onto the vinyl circle. I found the pom poms looked best when sewn tightly onto the vinyl base. To do this, place the needle through each pom pom rather than through the pre-made loop on each pom pom. Repeat with the other shoe charm.

  5. Once you’re done sewing all the tassels and pom poms, slide the shoe charms onto each shoe and try on the shoes. If you like the length of the tassels, then you’re done! If you want them a little shorter, use a rotary cutter with a ruler and cutting mat to carefully trim each tassel until they are as short as you like. I trimmed mine about ½” total, starting with only ¼” each at first until they were short enough to not overlap the bottom sandal strap.

NOTES: Don’t stress about it looking pretty on the back, your shoes will cover all that up. Also, since the pom poms and tassels cover up the entire faux leather vinyl circle, it doesn’t matter what colour material you use. If you don’t have any vinyl scraps you could also use felt or another woven material that doesn’t fray.


Would you rock colourful statement shoe charms on your sandals this spring and summer? If you’re not feeling bold enough to wear a rainbow of colour, these would also be gorgeous in an ombre of neutrals colour or even in one solid colour. I cannot wait to wear mine this weekend!