Every Single Item I Pack In My Carry-On So I'm Prepared for Anything


Hello lovely,

I'm no stranger to travel. Having been on a plane more times than I can count, I consider myself to be pretty experienced at this stuff. From 14 hour flights to 6 hour delays I've narrowed down my personal, carry-on essentials to a science. Coming back from a week long solo trip in Toronto, I thought I'd share every single item in my carry-on. If you're like me and want to be prepared at all times, read on for my flight necessities:


The backpack: I have two bags I use for travel: a cute little black backpack that, I’ve had since about 2016, and I don’t go anywhere without and a fairly large purple duffel bag I scored from Target last October on a whim. But on my last trip to Toronto, my backpack fell apart - literally. I was running across the street to catch my Lyft when a strap completely popped and left my backpack in the road (in the rain). The other strap was barely hanging on by a thread. Luckily I was going to Marshalls to return two items, so I picked up my new Betsey Johnson backpack at the same time. I love this new bag. It’s much lighter on my back and holds a lot more than the last one did. I’ve always wanted a Betsey Johnson bag, so I guess it took divine intervention to make me bite the bullet and go for it.

What’s in the bag: This bag holds my blanket for the airplane, my Nikon camera, tissues because my nose is always running, at least 2 tubes of lipstick (for variety), mouthwash, scrunchies, a pen, my shades, earphones, a few dollars in cash, a few pads just in case, my umbrella and a snack. The blanket is closer to a cotton-linen blend so it rolls up smoothly and doesn’t take up space. With the remaining space, I stuff small things I bought on the trip (like the coffee art stencils I just scored from Home Sense).


The duffel bag: This is the main carry on. I switched from a carry on suitcase to a duffel bag because I usually come back with 2 suitcases. So rolling 2 suitcases behind me with a rolling carry on was a NIGHTMARE! My duffel bag has a section at the top and a section underneath. This bag is always the heaviest and I dread holding it while going through the airport. It’s mostly heavy because of my laptop, which I usually travel with.

What’s in the bag: I learned a long time ago that my carry on should hold everything I would need if my luggage were to ever get lost. This bag is mostly for my electronics. The bottom of the bag holds my laptop and tablet. There’s almost no need to travel with both so I usually carry one or the other. All of my chargers are in this bag along with underwear and deodorant. This bag also has space to hold small things I purchase on my trips.