Festive Holiday Wine Tastings & Weekend Recap

Hello Lovely,

This past weekend was filled with holiday festivities. I had the joy of attending not one but two wine tastings this past weekend! The first one was on Thursday at Young's Fine Wine in Sandyport. I went with an old friend. I love going t wine tastings at Young's Fine Wine because even if I don't like the wines I sample, the staff makes me feel like family so the environment is always comfortable and inviting. 

I was super excited about my favourite wine being served, but it really didn't last long because it was everyone's favourite of the night. I had to buy a bottle of the Cocchi Asti. I shared the last bottle with a date over a home cooked meal back in September and couldn't wait to get another bottle. It didn't hurt that it was 10% off. I'm not a fan of Reds so I stuck with my white wine. The Henriot Brut Suvergin Champagne was delicious as well.


The second one was on Friday at Mahogany House in Lyford Cay. I went with my best friend Krista who's the perfect sidekick. Every time we taste wine she always says it just tastes like alcohol, because she doesn't have time for all that fancy lingo. We had fun laughing at how much we hated all of the wines they had. The only ones we really found tolerable were the Scarpetta Prosecco Brut (Prosecco, like Chardonnay, is always a hit and miss with me) and the Joseph Leitz QbA Feinherb Riesling. Naturally our taste buds found the cheapest Riesling. Truthfully, I never made it through all of these wines. I gave up after the 7th white wine and the 2nd red wine. I also tried the Juice Asylum because of the interesting name but quickly regretted it. Red wine is just not my thing people, sorry.

Afterwards, we felt like going for a drive and taking pictures with Christmas lights. I completely forgot about the Christmas Extravaganza at Old Fort Bay. At first we took a few funny photos in front of some lighted trees in a parking lot.

Then we decided to head over to Baha Mar. I hadn't been since they opened earlier this year because I had some serious reservations about the shady back door deals just to get it opened. But once I got there, I had to admit, it's absolutely gorgeous! The designers clearly did their research and have a keen eye for details. Every little detail is deliberate and cohesive. The staff is super courteous and not in a fake I'm-only-this-nice-because-they're-paying-me way either; it was genuine.

After walking around we got hungry and settled on dinner at Stix. I loved that dinner for 2 was only $30 with tax and we were genuinely full. We shared a bowl of steamed Jasmine rice, pork dumplings and triple treasure rangoons. The meal was delicious and can easily become my favourite order! Next time I go, I'll definitely try one of the noodle soups.

But that was just FRIDAY! On Saturday I visited Bahama Hand Prints for their Sip & Shop event. I had never been to the store before but I had passed it and heard a lot about it.

I loved the stock! It's VERY pricey because they print the fabric themselves on site but at least you know that you will have a one of a kind piece. There's apparel, kitchen towels, aprons, fabric quarters and handbags in all sizes. I ended up spending $60 that I had no intention of spending. I plan on making a dress out of the fabric I bought which features a historic drawing of the original Bay Street layout on it so it was totally worth the price. I can't wait to get started.

I rounded out my weekend by making a fireplace out of cardboard boxes at church and posing for Christmas photos (some of which are already on the Facebook page).


My weekend was FULL of activities but I had SO MUCH fun! How was your weekend? Did you do anything excited? Are you getting ready for Christmas with your family and friends too? Share your holiday activities in the comment section below and I'll see you tomorrow for a special Christmas edition breakfast treat!