Friday Favourites: 5 Places to Visit in St. Croix

After going to St. Croix at the beginning of the month, I have a renewed love for travelling! I don't know where my next trip will be, but if you're planning a vacation, I would definitely recommend going to St. Croix. And if you do go there, here are 5 must-see spots to visit!


When we first went to Armstrong's (we went a total of three times) it was just for my boyfriend to visit his family members (the proprietors of the store). But when we went back I was really excited to try their ice cream. It was super-hot, and we had just come from the beach, so it was perfect! As you can see on the sign atop their shop in Frederiksted (which the first two days of the trip I kept saying Frankensted), Armstrong’s has been producing homemade ice cream in St. Croix for 112 years. Anyone and everyone on the island loves ice cream from them. Why? The big reason why is also right on the sign – Armstrong’s serves real homemade ice cream here, the kind with big chunks of good stuff conspicuously wedged into the cold and creamy treasures, the better to let the natural flavours shine in your cone or cup. Normally you’re able to get almond, banana, butter pecan, cherry vanilla and rum raisin ice cream just about anywhere. But here at Armstrong’s, you can probably find guava, mango, passion fruit, or soursop, too. Just remember that a lot of the flavours are seasonal so don’t expect to get mango or pumpkin in May. I fell in love with the banana, and even liked the guava and gooseberry, even though I don’t like guava or gooseberry. Despite my lactose intolerance, I was able to eat these ice creams with no discomfort at all! So if you’re looking to cool off, make sure you stop in to this family-owned store during your trip!


If only to say that you have been to the Eastern-most point of the United States of America you should go here. The view is absolutely breath-taking and really makes you appreciative for natural wonders.


What I love about Christiansted is the streets are filled with historic colonial buildings and churches. I’m a huge history geek and a sucker for historical sites. To the locals, I’m sure they just saw dilapidated buildings. To me, all I could think was how many great photoshoots I could host there. If you find yourself visiting the USVI be sure to visit the Christiansted National Historic Site to see the Old Danish Customs House, Fort Christiansted, the Government House, local bars and restaurants and a great shopping district.


You know things are serious when your boyfriend tells you that no one jumps off big dock unless someone else is doing it too. Big Dock is right next to the Frederiksted Clock Tower (another great photoshoot location). We went there twice to jump and I jumped a total of 6 times. Here’s a video if just one of my jumps. I think you’ll have fun laughing at me.


This one we didn’t actually get a chance to go to, but I really wish we did. At this point, everyone was a little cranky from the long car rides so we ended up driving right past it. It’s supposedly a great tourist spot though. Coral reefs, a submarine canyon, mangroves, wildlife, pre-colonial ruins and Columbus’ landing spot make this a top attraction. Photos came from their website.

In addition to these places to visit, there are many events you've got to try as well, such as stand up paddle party and beach fire every full moon at sunset, Disco Bingo at Deep End Bar & Restuarant, Caribbean night on Mondays and Crab Races on Wednesdays at The Palms at Pelican Cove, and After Hours on First Fridays at Cafe Christine.

So what are you waiting on? Book your next vacation in St. Croix today! And tell me what your must-see favourite spots were!