Friday Favourites: Halloween Candy Nostalgia

Hello Lovely,

With my lack of experience with trick or treating, I was able to recall the candies sold at the neighbourhood Tuck Shop, outside of the blue wooden home around the corner.  Ms. Major was an older woman, who was friendly and always wore a tied haircloth.  Thinking back on the candies that were able to fit securely in my then small hands, I reflected on those frequently seen on mattresses and floors, where Trick-or-Treat buckets and bags were often overturned. These are

  1. Candy Corn – triangle shaped candy with a hint of sweetness.  It didn’t remind me of corn but I liked the flavor and texture.  It’s THE CLASSIC Halloween candy

  2. Candy Necklaces – it was the fun of temporary jewellery and being able to eat each piece, one coloured candy at a time

  3. Now and Later: Fruity Sticky Taffies that come in 5 part, single wrapped candies in fruit flavors. I was always a fan of Banana but found Cherry to leave a dye in my mouth.

  4. Sugar Daddy: Milk caramel on a stick which was easy to pull and twist with your teeth and wrap around your fingers

  5. Chick-O-Stick: Now found in a small wrapped version, this peanut butter and toasted coconut candy has a crunchy and brittle taste but it is oh so addictive!

  6. Ring Pop – This ever so popular (and fun to put on your finger)

  7. Jolly Rancher – Small, individually wrapped candies which fruity flavours mainly green apple, watermelon and cherry, were the best.

  8. Cry Baby – This brings an explosion in your mouth as these sour coated gum balls which will bring you close to tears if you decide to suck instead of chewing.

  9. Jawbreakers – This candy will take you the longest to eat and is the hardest one to bite.  With its largest counterpart weighing in at 27.8 lbs.

  10. Charms Lollipop – You can crunch or suck to find the soft, gummy centre of this candy.  My favourite flavors were Green Apple and Watermelon.

What are your favourite Halloween candies? Share with us your nostalgic moments in the comment section below!