Friday Favourites

Hello Lovely,

Why hello there, Friday! I hope this week has been a productive one for all of my lovely readers. After a busy week I’m pretty excited to relax and unwind at a music festival happening tonight. You know where I’ll be this weekend! But before I head off to my weekend plans, here are five things that have been inspiring me this week…

1. Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burgers

I recently discovered a new brand of veggie burgers in the food store and I am in love! I was impressed by the low price and the low sodium! And when I ate it! My goodness! It's a genuine vegetable burger, made of real vegetables! I found it hard to believe that they were ever frozen, because they taste freshly made by a gourmet chef.  Dr. Praeger's tagline is, "Dr. Praeger’s caters to a wide variety of dietary needs with our delicious frozen foods made from recognizable and pronounceable ingredients!" So far, the Kale is my favourite and the Asian patty tastes like Sushi! You've gotta try it!

2. Martha Stewart's Spiced Lemonade

I think I've mentioned before the little competition I have going on in my head with Martha Stewart. She's just so perfect! The woman went to jail and still makes amazing centrepieces and makes cocktail hour look like a night in Dubai! I actually went to her website after joking about her with a co-worker and ended up spending the rest of the day there. I stumbled upon the spiced lemonade recipe and had to give it a go! I swapped out the ground cloves with whole cloves, and I love it!

3. My Arugula and Spinach Muffins

I'm seriously eating two of these right now! I really don't think they'll make it to the weekend!

4. Haeven

Haeven is an alternative band from the Bahamas. Their sound is a diverse mixture of genres from Pop Rock to Hip Hop & R'n'B with a fusion of native sounds. I've been to some of their shows and it's a great experience every time! Whether they're singing covers or originals, I love singing along! (And it's not just because it's my best friend's band, I swear!)

5. #LiveEventSeries 'One Love Culture Fest'

I'm totally excited to be attending this event tonight! It's a family friendly, multi-genre Live Event, the first of it's kind in a series of events. It's going to be held at Potential Church (but it's not entirely a religious event, if that's not your thing). Haeven will be performing, so I'm definitely going to show my support.

What are some of your favourite things this week?

Let me know in the comments!