Friday Favourites: My 5 Must-Haves When Travelling

Hello Lovely,

Headed for a getaway? Travelling for business, pleasure or both? Whether I'm making my way by plane, train, automobile, or even my own two feet, no trip is complete these days without these 5 essentials. Here are 5 great sidekicks to help make the journey pain-free!

1. My Laptop

There are so many times when I'm travelling that I have a homework assignment due at some point during my journey, or I may need to contact my professor for something. So having my laptop with me so that I can keep working wherever I go is always a must have. 

2. Earphones

How many times have you been in the airport waiting on your flight and someone sits down right next to you and insists on starting a conversation with you? Earphones are a great way to tune out annoying conversations and screaming babies and it's the universal sign for "Don't talk to me, because I can't hear you."

3. My camera

I think the whole point of travelling is to take in your surroundings. And when you go back, you're going to want to show your friends, family and coworkers the various sites that you enjoyed while you were abroad. I love capturing every little moment around me so having my camera on hand with a fully charged battery and a super huge memory card is a definite must have when I'm travelling!

4. A good book

Along with earphones, nothing says "Leave me alone" quite like a good book. While some people use it as an excuse to strike up a conversation, books are still a great way to pass the time without getting frustrated that your flight was just delayed AGAIN for another hour.

5. Cash

Some people have a certain level of distrust with using their debit cards in foreign countries for many reasons. For me, it's knowing that not every place accepts debit cards, or feeling like, why should I swipe my card for the $2 bottle of juice? So I always try to carry cash with me while travelling in case of emergencies within the airport or if my debit card doesn't work.

I can't wait to share about my adventures as I embark on a three week vacation beginning next Friday! I'll let you know how I survived with my travel must haves! What are your travel must haves and do they vary based on where you're going or for how long you'll be travelling?