Grab-and-Go Salad

Hello Lovely,

Grab-And-Go Salad

Rushing through the usual morning routine, we often have to choose between healthy and fast when it comes to our meals: especially lunch.  An easy way to combine both ideals is to prep a salad the night before and place it where you can have quick access the next day.  Discovering the many uses of mason jars and my preference for delicious salads, I made a grab and go salad that did not disappoint.  Using the basic lettuce and tomatoes, you can add fun ingredients such as cranberries, carrots , celery and cheese with the added protein of chicken , turkey or ham.  One of the best parts of this salad: Shaking it up!  By adding a vinaigrette based dressing the night before or right before eating the salad, you can quickly combine the salad and dressing in 3 – 4 quick shakes.


1 (2 cup) Mason Jar

½ head of lettuce, thinly sliced or chopped

5 grape tomatoes

¼ cup shredded carrots

Sliced chicken


Directions: Layer the ingredients in the mason jar, placing the lettuce on the bottom, then carrots, chicken and tomatoes.  This method will allow for easy storage.  You can add or substitute ingredients to make the salad heartier and more colorful.  Great additions would be Italian seasoning, cheese dried fruits and vegetables (sliced bell peppers).  After sealing tightly, place salad in the fridge until the next day.  For the salad dressing you can place on top the night before or add it right before youre ready to eat it.  Shake the closed jar with dressing for easy distribution and full flavor.

What are your favorite salad ingredients and dressing?