Floral Obsession: Why You Need to Get Your Next Order of Flowers From ThermaLeaf®

Hello Lovely,

I recently received an order of silk flowers from ThermaLeaf® so I have to share my experience with you. Normally I don't like silk flowers, because they always look fake and I just don't like how they feel. But I do love looking at flowers. My favourite flowers are hydrangeas. There's just something so pretty about them and most people don't think about when thinking about flowers. Most women like roses, or lilies or orchids. But I love hydrangeas. So when ThermaLeaf® reached out to me, I immediately looked for hydrangeas and found the most beautiful pink hydrangeas.


ThermaLeaf® provides wonderful, realistic silk flowers and plants at fairly competitive prices. I was impressed by the companies claim to be the safest artificial foliage in the industry because all of their plants and flowers are fire retardant. If you didn't know, artificial foliage branches are made from plastic and polyester fabric. So when ignited, faux plants can spread a fire quickly and the plastic can produce a large amount of deadly smoke.

When I got the flowers, I was genuinely impressed with how realistic they flowers look, down to the leaves. They could easily be mistaken for real flowers. ThermaLeaf® has so many different plants for you to choose from. With standard shipping speed you can expect to get your order within a week or at least less than 2 weeks. I love leaving my flowers on display. It's even better that they're fake because my cats can't eat it (seriously, why do cats like to eat flowers). Check out this article for the best advice on maintaining your silk flowers.


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