Hello January

Hello 2017!

Can we all agree that 2016 SUCKED?!I mean seriously, Trump, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, Prince? Even Drake finally moved on from Rihanna and hooked up with J-Lo. Like WTF 2016? Going into the end of the year, I was so eager to look at all the positive things that happened over the year, which was made easier by my positive jar. Remember in the beginning of the year when I encouraged everyone to write down positive moments as they happened on sticky notes and put them in a jar to read on New Year's Eve? I went through three different jars because I kept running out of space. It's a great practice, and if you didn't get to do it last year, I would recommend you trying it this year.

So, what are we doing this year on Life by Olivia? I'm so glad you asked! We're sticking to our Monday-Friday schedule for blog posts with more activity on the Facebook page including weekends to keep you inspired all week long. We'll be bringing more workout guides including my personal weight loss journey. You can expect much more DIY projects and tutorials, including DIY beauty treatments. We even have a new project we're working on to bring you guys free online workshops, all leading up to Meet Ups later this year! Of course, you can always expect great healthy, guilt-free recipes all year long.

This year is going to be great, but it’s you guys that make it so awesome! What kinds of posts are you looking forward to this year? Is there anything you want to see more of, maybe even less of? Let us know in the comment section below!