How I Made My New "Kitchen" Backsplash

Hello Lovely,

A few weeks ago, I placed my first order with Wayfair. I was so excited when I saw the huge 50% off sale I rushed over to look for a few key things I needed to upgrade my food photography. I was mostly looking for a white ceramic baking dish. I found three in three different sizes and a beautiful white brick backsplash wallpaper. I was quickly disappointed when I realised that Wayfair ships everything separately. When you live in a country that requires a courier forwarding service to receive online orders, separate shipping is an expensive nightmare! I spent about $50 in shipping fees to receive a $60 order. What made it worse was the size of all of the baking dishes. The oval dish is really only big enough to be a soap dish and the Rachel Ray dish is more of a single serve. The only things I liked were the larger baking dish, which is the perfect size and the white brick wallpaper. When I unwrapped it, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!


I have a trifold poster board that wasn't quite what I expected so I wanted to cover that. The wallpaper isn't peel-and-stick so it requires an adhesive, which I don't have. But guess what, because I was only adhering it to a cardboard poster, I only needed regular tape. All it took was measuring, cutting (I was never good at cutting straight so that was my biggest struggle) and using tape to hold it down. I used tape in case it didn't turn out well, or I changed my mind, I could remove it without damaging it.

I love how natural it looks! My kitchen is way too small, doesn't have enough natural light and the cupboards and countertops are old and outdated. So like most food bloggers and photographers, I actually stage my photos in a "fake" kitchen. For a very long time I've used a simply white foam board, but after my cats destroyed it (they thought it was a scratching post) I needed something new. I tried buying a backsplash on Amazon, but it was NOT what I expected and probably only covered 2 square footage. The only thing I didn't like about it, is it's only about 16" wide so when you have a large space to cover, you're going to see the seems, even when it's perfectly lined up and that's what makes it look unnatural.


Now all I need is a bigger "countertop".