How To: Love Countdown Calendar for Your LDR (with Free Printable)

Hello Lovely,

It can seem like being in a long distance relationship all you do is count down till the next time you get to see the person you love.

You’re counting down to your next visit. You’re counting down until you can close the gap or end the distance. And then maybe you’ll be counting down to your wedding.

Counting down doesn’t have to be stressful, or boring. Spice it up! Make every element of your LDR fun because there’s no reason is shouldn’t be.

Many long distance couples find that they automatically start counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to when they see each other without even thinking about it. And once the visit has ended, arrangements for the next trip and the next round of countdowns are the first things they think about.

If your countdown spans months instead of days or weeks, try this printable countdown calendar. Customize and send off to your love! 

To download the free printable template for this How-to, just scroll down to the bottom of this article. 

Things you’ll need:

  • A Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • A Stapler
  • Construction Paper
  • Cardboard backing or Card stock (optional)


Fill in the dates on your calendar and the next time you plan on seeing your significant other on the line provided in the lower heart.


Jazz up your calendar in anyway you can think of. You can add neon backing to one calendar page or print another calendar page directly onto construction paper.

Some other ideas include using glitter, bows, or simply writing little notes all along the margins of your calendar.


To give it some extra flare -especially if your intent is to make a gift of it for your s/o – you can add a strip of coloured paper across the top of the calendar pages before you staple it all together. If you want to give it the feel of a real calendar, use a sheet of cardboard or card stock as a backing to give it that stability purchased calendars have.

That’s it! You’ve made a lovely Calendar.

While this project is very simple, some of the simplest ideas can make the most heartfelt and treasured gifts. Hopefully, this countdown calendar will help you and your special someone continue to hold on & share a few smiles until the next time you are able to physically be together.

To try this project yourself, Download the free template below!

Countdown Calendar Printable

Download Here