How to Make Mindful Purchases

Hello Lovely,

Can I be honest with you guys? Money management is my biggest struggle of adulthood. I honestly don't know how I managed to pay for school out of pocket with classes costing 2.4k per class, while travelling for a long distance relationship without losing my mind! I thought once I was done paying for school, everything would get better, but more unexpected expenses came up. I guess that's how life is right? More money, more problems? I can't tell you how many things I bought on a whim that I really didn't need but in my impulsive moment, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. So recently, I made a more conscious effort to make more mindful purchases. I’m going to do this by following these 3 steps:

A Guide To Making Mindful Purchases

Figuring out what my needs are vs. my wants  Not needlessly following every new trend  Learning what self-care actually looks like

Figuring out what my needs are vs. my wants

Not needlessly following every new trend

Learning what self-care actually looks like

1. Figuring out what my needs are vs. my wants

Shopping is all about being conscientious. Do you really need that white blouse when you already have a white blouse at home? Sure it doesn't look like this particular white blouse, but does it NEED to look like this one? And if you do get it, are you keeping the old one as well? How long will you wear these blouse for? Is it just for one occasion or an investment?

2. Not needlessly following every new trend

Fashion always repeats itself, however most trends die before they even really get started. Just when you're on board with a new trend, something else has sprung up to replace it. You can be on trend without always wearing everything on style watch lists. Invest wisely in trends that are likely to last and repeat and always be on the look out for cheaper versions that give the same effect without costing all of your coins.

3. Learning what self-care actually looks like

Okay so you had a tough week at work. Do you really need to drown your sorrows in a venti latte, or would self-reflection and planning how to improve on those downfalls be better? It's so easy to convince yourself that you deserve this treat, whatever it is, because you've been having a tough time, but what does that treat really solve? Sure it's okay to indulge every now and then, but indulging without solving the problem or learning from the experience is not self-care and can only lead to more damage.


Living a life with intention means being more thoughtful when it comes to making decisions. Making mindful purchases can mean less buyers remorse. I hope these three tips will help you the next time you're faced with a big purchase. Share any tips you may have that I didn't mention in the comment section below!