How to Make the Most of Your Mental Health Day

Hello Lovely,

Ever felt like you needed a break from life? In this fast paced society, it's easier to feel overwhelmed and sometimes over-committed. On my quest to save the world, I've said yes to many projects that deep down I knew I wouldn't be able to deliver on and eventually had to back out. My intentions were good but there's only so much that one person can do. And when it gets to that point, you have to be able to take care of yourself.

Many workplaces don't respect mental health day. This lady has considerate bosses, but the rest of us may not be so lucky if we request a mental health day. But  taking a mental health day from time to time may be just the thing you need to kickstart your productivity and ensure you’re presenting your best self, day after day. Whether you plan on doing absolutely nothing, or taking care of a few odds and ends around the house, here are 3 ways to make the most of your mental health day.

Click on the photo for the recipe

Click on the photo for the recipe

1. Make your morning count

On a regular day, your alarm goes off, you hit snooze about three times before finally getting out of bed, bathe, get dressed, get breakfast and lunch sorted out before rushing out of the door for work. It becomes so routine it's amazing you're still messing it up, right? On your mental health day, take back your morning. Turn off your alarm and sleep a little longer. Or maybe you're a morning person. Exercise or mediate to get your day started well. However you choose to spend your money, you should do something you wouldn't normally get a chance to do. Today, your day can start any way you want it to.

2. Get outside

How much of your life do you spend indoors, breathing in the same, stale office air day after day? Do you get enough sun and fresh air, or do you find yourself gazing longingly out of every window you pass while at work? Recent studies find that walking boosts creative inspiration. During and after a short walk, creative output and thinking increase with a whopping 60%. Whether you spend the whole day outdoors, do an outdoor activity or simply take a walk, getting outside will definitely boost your spirits. Bring a book to read or journal to write in, have a picnic, or bring a camera along to capture shots of the world around you. Or, just bring yourself and enjoy wandering outside without the stress of a timed lunch or rushed commute.  So go on and get yourself some Vitamin D!

3. Pamper yourself

What mental health day would be complete without a little pick-me-up? Choose at least one special thing you can do for yourself on this day that you wouldn’t normally do. However you choose to pamper yourself is up to you. For me, I like to make something yummy. Other women like to get their nails, hair or makeup done. Whatever makes you feel like a queen or a diva take this day to enjoy that.  Weave in a treat or activity that will boost your happiness and relaxation vibes, allowing you to hit the reset button and feel fully charged before you resume your typical day-to-day.

When did you take your last mental health day, and how did you spend it? What is your favorite way to recharge? Tell us in the comments below!