How to Not Fear Yoga with Emey Robinson

Hello Lovely,

Going to your first yoga class at a yoga studio can be an incredibly rich experience.But going to a yoga studio can also be REALLY intimidating if you’re new to the basic practices and expectations that most studios follow. Some people have a few misconceptions about what takes place in a yoga class and can either end up disappointed or enlightened. So this weekend, I took a yoga class at Studio Ohana, then sat down with Emey Robisnon, yoga guru extraordinaire, to talk about these myths and how to overcome any fears you may have regarding yoga.

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Emey Robinson is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor with specialised training in Therapeutic, Resotrative, Chair, Prenatal, Kids and Thai Yoga Massage. She has been practising for 16 years and teaching for 3. She is a body positive advocate. YES! Yoga now has curves! She fights to dispel the stereotype of what a Yogi should look like. All shapes, colours and sizes are welcomed! She stresses to her students, it's not about how you look but how you feel! She is constantly reminding us that our yoga practise is a journey and where we are is exactly where we need to be. After using yoga to recover from a spine injury, she swears by the healing benefits and mind body soul connection. In her spare time she is continually increasing her knowledge healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, and fitness to better help her students.

Here are her suggestions for getting past some of the most common yoga myths to help you take the leap.

This is a small heads up about yoga classroom etiquette and what you can expect in a yoga class, because we want you to stay open to your first experience. If anything about your teacher, fellow students, or the class feels “off” to you, make note of what it is. Yoga is supposed to be fun and help you to feel more centred, grounded and positive. There are plenty of options for other teachers, classes and studios out there. You’ll find your match. Namaste.