How to Turn Boutineers into a Centrepiece

Woohoo! It's Friday! And not just any Friday. Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix for Season 3! I'm so excited! I have to wait to watch it with my boyfriend though, because it's the one show we both enjoy watching together (next to Empire).

But I will be watching!

Yesterday was our Grade 6 graduation ceremony. Now let me break this down because it confuses even me sometimes. Our school is system is different from the American's. We have primary (elementary) and secondary (high) school. We don't really do the junior and senior high thing (only the government/public schools). Our primary school consists of grades Kindergarden to Grade 6, while high school is grades 7-12. But lately, my school (I work at a school for those that don't know) calls it a prizegiving ceremony and not a graduation, which makes no sense to me, but let's not get into that, shall we.

After the ceremony, there were a lot of boutineers left over (and I mean a lot)! I knew that they were just going to throw them away, so before they did, I asked if I could have them. It makes no sense to throw away perfectly good flowers in this spring/summer season. So because it's prom and graduation season, if you've got leftover boutineers, don't throw them away! Here's a useful tip to help you recycle them and beautify your home!(Shot on an HTC One X until my Nikon lens is replaced).

Start with a empty shallow dish. I picked a few leaves off the tree just to help make the arrangment look fuller. Arrange your flowers however you want, ensuring that you can see all of them. Don't forget to water them daily for freshness!