How to Unplug and Let Go

Happy July!


This year is going by so quickly! I can't believe it's almost time for me to start shopping for Christmas decorations again! Think about it, next month we'll be swamped by 'Back to School' stuff, then it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! (Sorry if I missed any other major holidays). Can you tell I really like Christmas?! I'm not sure how I'm going to top last year (actually I still have to properly decorated for summer this year). I'll get it to soon enough though. I'm trying not to stress over it.

I'll admit, I'm not the biggest person when it comes to letting go of grudges (when I'm angry at someone, it takes awhile for me to forgive and move on). But even I understand that this is not healthy. Sometimes we get so caught up in our feelings and everything that happens around us, we lose sight of what's really important. When that starts to happen, it's good to just unplug and let go. One of the books on my list to read this summer is Eat Pray Love. Even though I haven't started it yet, I can genuinely see that this will be a summer of unplugging and letting go for me. Freeing your mind is one of the best things you can do for yourself and it's easier to do than you think.

  1. Let's go to the Beach! (In my Nicki Minaj voice)

I love a good beach day with my gal pals! Not only do we get to parade in our swimsuits, drink beer and Instagram the whole thing, there's actually many health benefits attached to going to the beach. 

Sea water contains high levels of various minerals, which may help fight infection, heal physical wounds, offer therapeutic effects, and potentially help the body heal and detoxify. Swimming is linked to decreased stress and increased sense of well-being; studies have shown swimming and water-based exercise help to decrease anxiety and depression.Aside from its therapeutics effects, swimming provides excellent physical exercise, employing most of our major muscle groups, especially as the water provides gentle resistance.


2. Not a beach fan, or don't live near one? What makes you happy?

It's not always easy for people who don't live on islands to access the beach. So they've got other ways to unplug and let go. Whatever that is for you (maybe it's video games, or blogging, or TV) it's yours to do.


3. Slowly turn your electronic devices off, one at a time.

I actually started doing this a few months go. I started with my television. When Scandal and all of the other TGIT shows ended I didn't have any major shows that demanded my attention on TV. I found myself just aimlessly flipping through the channels. One day I just didn't turn my TV on at all. And then another, and then another. It was so easy I almost didn't even think about it. So now, on weekends my TV is off. I'm either sleeping or out with friends, so TV just isn't a priority on weekends any more. 

This past Sunday I even went as far as turning my cell phone off. When I turned it back on, I disabled the WiFi so that no social messages could come through. I only used my phone to read my book. And it was great. Sometimes you just need to not be needed. And to know that the world won't end if you don't respond to your friends' cat GIF right away.


4. Tell someone what you need

It's hard for people to let you go if you don't tell them to. I have a friend that's famous for telling me when she's taking a sabbatical so that she can reflect in peace. If you're feeling overwhelmed and need a getaway buddy or just need someone to understand that they're emergency is not your emergency, you've got to tell them. Communication is key. It's gonna be pretty hard to get your zen on if you can't get any space from the people or things in your life.


5. Find the source of your problem and let go.

Now I understand that this is going to be hard if the source of your problem is a person; or so you would think. We often think that our problem is with a particular person, when really it's with a particular action or behaviour that you didn't like. No one's perfect and even though someone should be wise enough to know when they've hurt someone, people aren't always going to admit to wrongdoings. It's up to you to ask yourself, "Is this really worth stressing/fighting/crying/worrying over?"

Ex: I had a best friend that pretty much just fell off the map with me, during a pretty rough time in my life. She stopped calling and even stopped taking my calls. I cried and fussed for awhile, trying to figure out if I may have offended her someway. I even thought about confronting her about it. Until I really stopped and analysed the situation. My problem wasn't with her, exactly. I have abandonment issues so I got hurt when she 'abandoned' me. Then I thought more about how this wasn't the first time she had done this. She was always flying in and out of my life. And I always held the door open for her. So this time, I let go. I let go of that imaginary door and I was done.


No one can make you let go; it happens in your own time and in your own way. But you've got to be able to see your problem for what it really is, if you're ever to truly let go.


What's your favourite technique for unplugging and letting go of negative things in your life? Sound off in the comment section below or on my Facebook page!


Thank you for reading,