I Didn't Win An Elevation Award 😭 But Here's Who Did 🏆

Hello Lovely,

This past weekend, The Bahamas was treated to the 3rd Annual Elevation Awards at The Hilton. It was a night of stars, jokes and elegance. The room never stopped buzzing, as something was always happening. This year definitely set out to prove to any haters or doubters that The Elevation Awards is here to stay.


When I first drafted this post, I had envisioned myself announcing that I won Blog of The Year. Last year I never expected to win, but this year I had really high hopes. I even jotted down some things I wanted to say if I had won. Seems a little silly now. As much of a relief as blogging brings me, it comes with a lot of stress when it’s time to crunch the numbers. I saw a quote yesterday that said, “Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday”. I don’t know if it’s laziness, or lack of focus, but I missed my mark. MDeez said it best last night (and I’m paraphrasing), “This is our dream, no one else’s, so we have to go after it ourselves.” As I look at my vision board, I know there are some shifts I have to make that won’t be easy; some moves may have to happen purely on faith. The worst part about last night wasn’t even not winning, which I was honestly okay with. It was the awful migraine that plagued me after the first hour of the show. The award show ran about 3 hours so I suffered for two hours with a migraine that progressed so awfully, I needed assistance to walk out of the hotel. I had never had a migraine like that before, but the fact that I was able to continue to take photos of people despite my pain is a proud moment for me. I just wish I managed to get a decent photo of myself. 🤦🏾‍♀️ 

To be completely honest I spent about 2 hours in bed yesterday feeling completely worthless. I felt like a fraud and I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. What that taught me is that I’m human. Because losing sucks. No matter how graceful you handle it, you cannot deny that it would’ve felt so much better to win. I went into last night with a winner mentality, but having a winner mentality also means accepting when you don’t “win”. See wins and losses only mean what you attach to them. There is always something to gain out of every situation and I gained more determination that before, with a greater appreciation for all of the new talent I was surrounded by.

The night was hosted by Comedian Naughty who led us on a clever adventure of him running away from immigration officers. I loved the introduction of pre-recorded scenes that fit so perfectly into the show. Through this Naughty introduced various presenters and performers. There were so many performers I didn’t get all of their names. Some of the performers were Julien Believe, Eman, a duet between Fanshawn and Charisa, Meleah Gabrielle, Ilsha, a gospel medley, Ton Ash who performed with Bodine and Chase Fernander, Dyson Knight, a sensual R&B performance with Sketch, Sammi Starr and CJ Priest, a tribute to Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ira Store by Osano Neily,Judah da Lion, Ophine, and Bantangy and that's just a few! You can see the full performances on my Facebook page for almost every artist (I’m genuinely ashamed to say there was a point I thought I was recording Dyson Knight, only to find out I wasn’t - epic fail).

So let’s get to these winners, shall we?


Visual Artist of the year: Minolta Butler

(NOT PICTURED) New artist of the year: Katya

(NOT PICTURED) TV Show of the Year: Beyond the Headlines

(NOT PICTURED) Caribbean song of the year: Splinters


Music producer of the year: Rashad "Shaddy "Einstein" McPhee


Trailblazer award: Victor Johnson


Hip Hop Artist of the year: Ton Ash


Entertainer of the year: Sawyerboy


Gospel Artist of the year: Eman


Contemporary song of the year: Feeling good - Patrice Murrell


Video producer of the year: Kyle Ferguson - Jiggy Productions


Female artist of the year: Wendi

(NOT PICTURED) Traditional song of the year: Unruly -DMac


Ronnie Butler Lifetime Achievement Award: Ira Storr


Male Artist of the year: MDeez


Music video of the year: Chase Fernander - Repeat


Radio Talk Show of the year: Freedom March with Rodney Moncur


People's choice - Gina Knowles


This year’s show was significantly better than last year’s show. It flowed exceptionally well with less than a handful of hiccups. I genuinely felt like it ran on a little long with all the performances, but all award shows run approximately 3 hours and apparently snacks were on sale so they had the right attitude. I loved that this year (and every year) the award didn’t always go to the same person. Jiggy Productions may have claimed Video Producer of the year again, but a new winner was crowned for Vlog of the Year, Visual Artist, TV Talk Show and more. We even saw the introduction of the Hip Hop Artist category. Maybe next year there will be a category for Hip Hop Song, or album? I love that the award show continues to grow and expand. It serves as an inspiration that everyone has a chance to be recognised and celebrated for their talents. With such stiff competition, I found myself saying, “They all deserve to win” for some of the categories.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Send out the list of awards that will be given out during the pre-show in advance so that people can know to be in place for it (EDIT: I totally missed that email). I decided to skip the pre-show this year after what happened last year and because of that I wasn’t even there for when I didn’t win (apparently neither was the actual winner). So I genuinely don’t know which awards I missed out on other than Blog, Vlog and Short Film of the year. If anyone knows please let me know! EDIT: Photographer and Hip Hop Song of The Year were also given out during the Pre-Show.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the winners! It seemed everyone had a funny acceptance speech or just something funny to say. Between Victor Johnson blaming everything on his “tight pants”, Sawyerboy doing it for the lightskinned brothers and Dyson gassing up his wife Wendi on her win, I had a blast! I wish I were able to mingle more, but events like this open the door for more events that allow me to network and enjoy the company of my fellow entertainment colleagues. So look out for more from me this year, including a special project I’ve been putting off for two years that I finally feel ready to tackle.

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