I Started The Year By Becoming A Barre Instructor


Hello Lovely,

I’ve been dying to share this news with you guys for weeks! In December I signed up for the Total Barre Instructor Foundations Course Full Weekend with Cate Vallone at Club One Fitness Centre. I only told my closest friends and parents that I was doing this. To be honest I was super nervous. As we did our introductions, I quickly realised that I was the most inexperienced person in the room. Not only had I only done a handful of Barre classes, but I’ve never actually taught an exercise class before. I won’t count leading kids yoga in an after school club four years ago, because it’s kids. Everyone had taught some sort of exercise class before, whether it was Pilates or spinning. I was also the youngest in the room, but I expected that as well.

I originally started Barre in October/November when I saw an ad for a free class. My trainer was no longer available so I was looking for something to do to stay active. I did not expect the class to hurt so much! But it was a good hurt! I felt so accomplished, I wanted to do it all the time. But at $22 per class, there was no way I could afford to continue the classes. So when I saw the ad to become a certified Barre Instructor with Total Barre, I jumped on it immediately! Total Barre is a high- energy program focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. Now that my training is complete, I'm sharing the highlights from the weekend as a part of my continuing fitness journey. My period started the morning of the first day, so I was bloated and couldn’t get my legs very high in the kicks, but pushed through anyway! Not only did I learn the foundations for any basic Barre class, I learned how to modify it for Pre & Post-Natal clients and practised choreographing my own routine (that will come when I get a better recording of it). Check out the highlights below (sorry the volume on the intro and outro are so low):

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