Island Gal Themed Desktop Notepad

Hello Lovely,

So this is going to sound crazy, but I've finished this project I'm about to share with you months ago! Like, I think I made this in February. I know! That's terrible that I held this back from you for so long! I'm so sorry, could you ever forgive me? Yes? Okay great! After all, how could you be mad at me as I'm about to share this awesome free printable with you!

So with being an office secretary for two different people, and everything else I do outside of that, my schedules can get pretty hectic! And I often forget something, or when I'm doing something it doesn't have my full attention because I'm not managing my time properly. So to fix that, I made this nifty desktop task list calendar. It doesn't have an actual calendar on it, so you can use it during any week, month of year that you want. It's super colourful, and each page is different!


Once you download the PDF, print however many copies of each page you want (I printed on 11 x 17 size paper). I used a strong piece of cardboard as the base and began to glue each printout on top of that cardboard. Use whatever adhesive you have, as long as it doesn't run. That could get messy and ruin the paper. Glue each page on top of one another at the top only. Kind of like you're creating a flip book. Always ensure that each page is dry before gluing another page on top. To bind it, I used a piece of solid black paper cut to size. I glued it over the paper to hold everything together and so far not a single paper has slipped out. This is truly an easy project to tackle.  You should be able to finish it within a single afternoon. At the most 1 hour.

I hope this desktop notepad helps you to stay on top of things, and best of all, SPRING INTO ACTION! The big size is geared at helping you to visualise the tasks you have ahead, as I find it very easy to ignore tasks I've written down on smaller notepads. Will you use these to help you get organised? What are your favourite tools to get organised? Let me know in the comment section below!